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In Love I have been downloading this app for years. Every new phone I get, I always have to have this game. I love it. It's addictive and fun and it truly is a good game to kill time, just like 2048. Surprisingly

Pretty Close Was looking for a SushiGoRound type game, and this is almost exactly like it. The music kind of sucks, but it can be muted.

Great I enjoy the graphics of the game and the fast paste. The game is fun and quick to learn.

Shusi bar It has problems it will not connect to face book so you can't see your high score

Good so far It will good if there is interative talking or more cute feature but so far,it's addicting n smooth

Good but.... The resolution on my phone is terrible, and it's really inconvenient that I can only turn off the music. The sound is extremely loud regardless if I change my phone volume or not. Also wish gameplay would pause when ordering ingredients. Besides that it's very fun and entertaining.

Worth a try My biggest complaint is the graphics really look bad on my tablet. But its probably fine on a phone. Grammar sounds a bit off to me And the layout feels a bit bulky. But I had a bit of fun with it.

Sushi Ok lang mahirap laruin pero nakaka fun :-)) Yung feeling na kapag nag game over uulit ulitin talaga :-))

Classic I've used this arcade game over and over every time I changed a phone I'd always come back to this game.

Fast paced and works your memory. Amazing!

i really like playing this game in my spare time it works excellent to me. Good

sushibar sushi bar is an android fun time management game. Surprisingly

Best game The game is Fab. I think all of u just try it. Just don't want to get up once start playing. Not bad

Its good The time goes too fast to make the food pls slow it down or get some one to help make the food or clear the plates without having to pay thank you Well done!!

Very challenging. Very hard. It takes mult tries for some levels. Even though there are not many levels, u can replay other ones. They have same types of items but in a new order. I like that it says u can play other people in the game but on my phone it doesn't connect to ur network. It errors. Please fix this so I can see ur high scores and participate in challenges. Superb!

Fun Game I enjoy playing this game, I'm pretty addicted! Haven't experienced any problems with it and I've been playing it for about a week or so now. Great job

Addiction Keeps me busy and zoned out on road trips and flights and waiting in line. You have to memorize the recipes so its definitely a challenge. As you move up the levels the combinations become super complex!!! You'll never get bored!! Great!

Almost perfect sushi maker A wonderful rehash of the flash sushi maker game of yore. Wish you released an HD Version that won't look pixelated on my galaxy note 2. Then it's going to be a solid 5 stars Enjoy it!

Sushi bar 2,......I Like it!!!!!! I like it a lot but would love too see a part 2, or something like that, with more to do Good

SuShi Bar is my guilty pleasure Been playing this game on and off for the last few years. It's simple but very fun! You feel like a pro when you remember all the recipes - especially in endless mode which can get very challenging ^.^ Absolutely love it! Did notice the function where you name your restaurant/save has gone tho :/ Not that this affects game play at all :3 Amazing!

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