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Thanks but how to reset in my OPPO F1s model mobile Cool

Better to use a stylus as the numbers to select are too close to the puzzle bottom for my fat fingers Highly Recommend.

Great game. Levels for all from beginners to experts. Only drawback is redundant number selection. Need ability to lock number so each tap on board adds locked number. I go against the clock and taking the board then the number each time is too time consuming. Fix or add that feature for 5 stars. Worth a go!

Freezes every time ad for GoToWebinar comes up. Frequently have to uninstall and reinstall app to continue. Only a matter of seconds, but still annoying. This also deletes at least the last level completed, if not the last two. Brilliant

Favourite Sodoku app. I've had it for over a year and come back to it every now and again. Love it. Muito bom!

So far I like this one the best. It's a nice balance between not having to fill in all the blanks and playing a fast game Flawless

I like the game itself. It can be relaxing or challenging depending on what difficulty seeing you choose. However, lately I've been upset with the game. I'm totally fine with ads between games because they have to make money somehow. My problem, though, is that now around 75% or more of the ads give no way to return to the game, even if you click on it to generate a little money for them. That means I have to close out of the app, and I don't get to see my final time compared to the average. That's an important part of the game for me. Every single advertisement should have a close out or return option that shows after at least 30 seconds. Many never give you a way back, and that he just unacceptable. Please fix this flaw. Cool

I wish it still tracked your ranking with other people. Other than that, it is an awesome app. Fantastic

I have tried a number of sudoku apps and this is my favorite. The vast number of difficulties and game modes really sets this app above the rest! It's one of the few apps I've kept installing on each of my last 3 phones. Amazing!

I love this game. I have had it on my phone for a long time and I play it every chance I get. Good

This app is done very well. It could use the feature of eliminating incorrect pencil marks. Puzzles are ranked from easy to extremely hard and challenging. Fabulous!

Love the variation and challenge. Prefer this input mode rather than that used by other apps love it

Does exactly what it should, really easy to use. I've been using it for a long time and it works brilliantly. Muito bom!

Lots of levels and different layouts of the grids. Lots of bells and whistles too-check accuracy of answers, I love this because I don't want to spend time unravelling what I did wrong. There's a pause function, inventory, clear through steps or the entire games. And no annoying ads! I'd pay for this app, very surprised it's free! Worth a go!

A wonderful collection of sudoku puzzles. It offers a relaxing zen atmosphere and the ads don't detract from the experience as they come up after you've solved a puzzle and don't last long. Fantastic

Some puzzles are poorly designed and have multiple solutions but only one solution is accepted. Some ads don't have an option to exit. Only way to get out is to go into app settings and force stop. Worth it!

I play every day and the puzzles are challenging. Love that there is now a "check" feature so I can fix up puzzles with errors. Worth a go!

I have downloaded this sudoku app on every smartphone I've had. I love the challenge! And with an infinite number of puzzles, I'll always have something to do when I'm bored! Works great

I love this game. It's easy to use and gives me something to do while waiting around. I especially like you can check for mistakes as you go along. Perfect!

Good game play but the CMC add is infuriating because the only way it can be removed is to restart the game completely. This is totally unacceptable! Fix it. Great!

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