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It freed lot of mb on my phone! This is the best because I need to make videos. Thanks a lot! Highly Recommend.

One of the few apps of its kind that actually works and makes a noticeable difference in my phone's performance. Not bad

Awesome cleaner.... Please include private photo and video vaults in your update ... God bless developer.... 5 star

Just installed this app today. It seems to work very good . So far I think it will be an excellent app. RJP Brilliant

I have tried numerous apps and this is the best app so far. I just wish there were less ads Amazing!

It's awesome, it works really well. It does everything it's supposed to and more, my phone has never been so clean or so fast. I'm happy that I found it and downloaded it. I'll share it with my family and friends. Thank you for making it, keep up the great job. Please let me know when there's a update so I can keep my phone working well and fast. Sincerely, Dennis DiLullo . I'm very satisfied with this nice little and light app. Fabulous!

Easy to use and very fast. Does everything you need in a Android Cleaner. Great app Perfect!

It's a life saver!! Very helpful,with very few commercials . Personally, I L❤ve it. 3/19/18 Great!

Loved how it stopped battery draining apps that others could not!wow .my girlfriend even put on her phone.. Amazing!

So far so good I only had it for 2 days now and still continue to use it and see how well it does thank you very much Marvelous

I like cleaner on my phone so my phone was so fast on program on this app has no money just free Enjoy it!

Thank you for this Great App this really helped my device and it's so easy to use now my device runs properly thank you so much ♥ Highly Recommend.

Actually like this one this one's more better actually fix my phone now my phone is way too fast now cuz I'm trying to find an app I can actually get all of the stuff off and actually got off have this one guys this one's more better to help my phone go fast now it's like Muito bom!

it sometimes doesn't show that i have hidden notification i have to open up speed booster to know that I have them it doesn't show in the notification bar so i don't understand that. and it says my phone temperature is 100 something when my phone is cold to the touch something don't smell right Works great

I've had a lot just like it and after installing it eventually became a nucense. So we'll see Muito bom!

Luv this Bost's my Fone makes it faster gets rid of all my junk keeps it from getting a Virus it saves my battery cools my CPU keeps my fone from getting hot does it all plus it makes my fone faster running like new plus it makes it Smooth Awesome App Good

Please stay away from my phone this is CRAZY ever time y have a virus.please no more virus.thank you Fabulous!

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