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Challenging. I have trouble believing the large number of scores that complete in under a minute. I would like to see more history, so I can see people who complete in the 10 min range, like me. Cool

Good games, lots of options. The background graphic is a bit distracting, but doesn't detract from game play. Would be nice to have option to turn it off, but still five stars. Well done!!

The most appealing thing about this app is the digit first option. Absolutely genius option. However I'm doing the extreme levels in 3 minutes they are not hard enough! Will rate 5 stars once they're harder. Just wow

I like the colors and large sized squares. I generally play only the easy ones because I like to finish in 10 minutes or so. I'm not happy with the ads being moved to the top of the screen instead of bottom. They are more annoying up there. Superb!

Used to be good, but they have lowered the standard of the extreme level and its now possible to complete over 90% of games at this level without using the notes feature. I've not played it much since that update, used to play 5 games a day. Recommend

I love this app and play everyday. Occasionally the ads interrupts music I'm playing on my phone. Would love to see a blank grid that would allow me to input my own puzzles. Amazing!

Can't get enough of Sudoku! I'm addicted and always trying to beat my time. Great app. Perfect

User friendly. Easy to use, less graphic animation which I much prefer since this game is all about 2D, and its free. But I must say, the "Advance" level is way too much possibilities to solve since it has a lot of blank box. It reduce the fun actually. Its like you made up the puzzle yourself. Worth a go!

Overall good but the banner ads won't let you listen to music. You'll have to press play every 10 seconds since the ads keep pausing it Superb!

Easy to use and simple (it's just sudoku people). 4 difficulty levels, stores your completed finish times so you can try to get PBs. Really great app Awesome

Had to downgrade my rating. Screen has been freezing so that I can't enter numbers, but clock doesn't stop while screen is frozen. Also, the "easy" games are not easy after a while! wow lol

The best version of Sudoku I've played on any platform. Everyone else misses out on clearing the notated numbers from the square and lines when you place that number in the associated portion. My most missed feature in other Sudokus but this has it! Not bad

Not complex, not modifiable, just works. Simple is more when that is all you want. Awesome

I have used this app on both phone & kindle. It is truly the best ou available. I've been addicted for years! Get this app NOW! Works perfectly

Im fairly good at sudoku. Averaging in the better than 80-90% of players and the layout and button options really let me play as fast as i can much better than the other sudoku games available. If you like sudoku this one is the one you want. Great!

This is the best sudoku game there is, I've tried many but this one is the best. The game can be further improved with two enhancements. I'd like a"night" setting that would change three background to dark and the numbers to light. The other improvement would be to mark all cells on the whole board as yellow that can't be used when a number is selected. Great job

I got a new phone & this was the first game I downloaded because I played on my old phone. It's a challenging way to spend a few minutes when I get a break. Must have

Worked your mind and you push yourself to break your score. Better than paper game. Great!

I'm very happy with the layout of the game and enjoy playing it. I like the extreme difficulty one because I can play it. Lol Recommend

This is an awesome way to play sudoku. Awesome ways to set up the game to make it comfortable to play. Great player difficulties. Could be a little harder for extreme but I can't get enough of playing Cool

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