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Fun, addictive, and a great way to keep the brain sharp. Love it. The only suggestion I have would be to make the numbers appear more prominent when they are all used up. Darken them out, gray them out or something. Other than that, I really love this game, the layout, the graphics, everything. It's great!! Awesome

The hint feature is revolutionary. Taught me so many techniques I didn't know I was missing, or just didn't know how to implement. Only problem with the app is some glitches when I try to open it. If I have opened the app before without actually going back and shutting it down, it won't let me in. However, if I shut it down, it lets me in, but it has to boot up again and everything, and it's a lil inconvenient. Only complaint. AWESOME APP. Works perfectly

Very nice game. Tips are pretty well done and a great way to "learn while playing". Would like to see an "auto finish" button so that once I've solved a puzzle to the point where all that remains are pairs or naked singles I could just use it to move on to next puzzle without just quitting. That would probably mean voiding any points or times, but there are some games when I wouldn't mind - i. e., I've had some trouble and have already spent too much time to get to that point. A "highlight all pairs" button might be nice too, but I can't decide if that would be cheating :-) Anyway, overall, great game even as is. Thanks. Enjoy it!

I love this game, sudoku will always be the game...! As you can see I rated it 5 stars! But it keeps on crashing when I press the tabs bottom to go into other apps and come back, it doesn't happen to any other app! I have a brand new phone I would love if you can fix that Worth a go!

Love it. It's a great game. I like almost everything about it. The only thing I don't like is there are games that can not be solved. I took time once and put on paper the moves and went back when I hit a dead end and I realized the game had no solution. Why would you put games that can not be solved? wow lol

I LOVE this version of Sudoku! I have downloaded it on every one of my devices for a long time now. I have tried a fair bit of other Sudoku Apps but I just keep coming back to this. It's not that all the others are terrible--it's just that the simplicity, ease of use, zen graphics and teaching elements when you're learning (in the form of Hints that you can choose to click on) make it so user friendly and fun to play. Thank you. Surprisingly

No one wants a loud video (s) to come on while you are trying to play a quiet game. Its new and super annoying. I understand you want add money and thats great you should, but tone it down. The app itself is good and i have increased my game play 10x Pretty good

The best of the Sudoku games I've tried.. Only complaint is being asked to rate over and over, even after game has been rated More and more ads are not allowing me to close the ad without installing the advertised app or powering down my device. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!! Good

Sudoku was always one of those games I could take or leave, until I downloaded this game on a whim one day. I am TOTALLY ADDICTED to this game now. Even the easy puzzles are challenging enough to keep you entertained, without being so difficult that you end up frustrated. I would recommend this to anyone who wants something to play on their phone to keep them entertained, without getting tired of it in a day or few hours even. Marvelous

This game is excellent for its simplicity, appearance, and ease of use. I love how the notes adjust themselves so there isn't redundancy or risk of erasing the wrong number. It is very easy to switch back and forth between notes and the actual numbers. The hints are so helpful as well. By using them I was able to learn new strategies for game play. The ads also are not too frequent. Must have

This is the most user friendly Sudoku I've seen. The graphics and highlights make solutions much more obvious. Hard levels are not so hard anymore. Im finally playing expert now, and using advanced solutions. Thanks for the great app!!! Awesome

This is a great Sudoku app. There are minimal ads, a point system to encourage speed, hints in case you're really stuck (that you can turn off too). I haven't felt the need to pay for anything. Go well

I seriously play at least 50 games a day, no exaggeration...I love it! It gives me something to do during down time, and I play a few games every night before bed to help clear my mind. I just wish there was an option to pay for an ad free version...totally wouldn't mind paying a buck or 2 since I use it so much! EDIT: Turns out there is a paid version! I've used this app for probably 2yrs and just never thought to see if they'd made an ad free one since then Perfect

This is exactly what I wanted in a Sudoku game: pure, unadulterated puzzling goodness, only adding the features truly needed to make the game even more smooth and great. The Breezy and Easy difficulties are nice to include to help beginners ease into the game, and the hints actually help you solve a Sudoku rather than just inserting a random correct number, which is great. Definitely the best Sudoku app I've seen, easily five stars! Great!

A solid Sudoku app without extra fat, and good tracking features so you spend more time logically working through puzzles and less checking if you already have a 5 in that column. The levelling system seems pointless, but there's no harm in incrementing numbers. Superb!

I downloaded many Sudoku games to pick my top choice. This one took the spot. I uninstalled the rest. I play the expert level and this one is the best expert level. I didn't try the easier levels so this review is for people that want a challenge. This one has the most challenging levels and the easiest to follow along to. Perfectly done!!! With the extra features, it either means the developers really love this game, or they really listen to the player's requests. I think it's a little but of both. Recommend

Great app. Very addictive. I spend hours playing it. Try to work my way thru every level without making any mistakes, have gotten up to expert but have been unable to go error free. Best so far is two mistakes. Worth a go!

This is a great app. I play daily and frequently when I wake up at night. My one complaint is that it crashes frequently but this may have more to do with my tablet than the app itself.I am now using a new tablet so I will see if it is any better. Great work so thank you folks. Omg

Love almost everything about this. The only critique I have is you have to be careful about the number you press cause if you accidentally press the wrong one it will register as a mistake. If you have unsteady hands or big fingers this may pose a problem. Great!

Have always liked the Branium apps, especially the Sudoku. But after re-installing recently I note you now have ads which mess up game progression. I continuously have to shut down and restart the app if wanting to play any further games after the first. Enjoy it!

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