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Good game loads of different levels so anyone from beginner to expert can enjoy it. Works perfectly

Overall a good game the lines between the grids could be darker and the ad should be at the top. Well done!!

Love the colors and the layout. Game is great to play - you are challenged by the numbers and not the mechanics of the game. Thank you. Marvelous

I love playing the app and it's better than all the other apps I've tried. It has far too many games that require guess work and are not possible with guess work. This takes away enjoyment. A vast majority of master level games are this way. It's not a case of me being bad either. I've used Web pages that verify if the next number is possible without guess work and they're not. Fabulous!

I love the features of this game (over other sudoku downloads): the levels of play, the preferred settings, the ease of switching between solution and candidate number, the screen colors. Very soothing. Very addictive. Fabulous!

I've solved the master puzzle but it does not stop the time. It showed wrong ans but there's no repeated numbers in that puzzle. Please fix it Superb!

Love this fun game. Helps me with my brain function as well as enjoyable to play Just wow

This app is a lot of fun to play. Easy to use. This is one app that I'll keep forever! Brilliant

Excellent Sudoku app. The interface makes it easy to enter guesses and ferret out the solution. Works perfectly

I dislike being penalized not having my score counted) if I want to check the accuracy of my numbers along the way. Must have

Loved it until 1 AD was forcing me to instal an app - it kept on loudly beeping Non-Stop. Had to keep on restarting my phone to stop the noise. This ad kept popping up - now I have a headache. Fantastic

This game has always been a go to when I'm stressed. This version is easy to use and I like the versatility in how you can enter info Works perfectly

Fun to play! I like being able to put possible numbers in the boxes and also to come back to a game later to finish. Helpful features, like keeping track of which numbers are completed and highlighting all the spots where a particular number is, are great. Well done!!

Game numbers may be given. Option to save at a particular point and continue from there will enhance the app. Awesome

Can't put it down! I love that I can check my progress when I'm unsure of my guess. Great!

Good puzzle game with Google Play Game Features and good controls, gameplay, and graphics, but no Google Cloud Sync and no immersive full screen. Good support. Cool

Superb. Easy to use candidate numbers. Master category is genuinely difficult. Minor improvements for next revision (1) colour options (2) move 'validate' to its own button on main screen (3) Blank grid option to enter own puzzle. (4) On /off options for highlighting. Do this and you would have no competition Go well

I really like this game.its easy to use.great puzzles from Easy - Master.The layout is great.there is a small section at the bottom of the screen where the ads go but they don't interfere at all with game play. In fact I don't even notice them changing as I'm concentrating too much on the grid.very happy overall with this game Go well

Really nice interface. Highlighted possibles really helps, as does save and restore points and multiple undo. Ads are not overly intrusive. Fabulous!

best sudoku app i've found. UI is nice, love the night mode, and the multiple degrees of difficulty are great for playing anytime no matter your mood or time constraints. the ads can be horribly distracting (that godawful flashing "PHONE SLOW? ONE CLICK BOOSTER!" is the bane of nighttime relaxation and that fake virus alert can EAT MY SHORTS OMFG) but the game itself is stellar. wish i could pay a one-time fee to remove the ads, because this app would be nothing short of perfection without those annoying banners. Flawless

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