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I understand that you want to make profit from your work but please reconsider the video ads you added last update. It's unbearable to play with them being unskippable and basically forces users to buy premium (which is not accessible to everyone). I don't want to switch Sudoku app after more than 300h spent in this one. Awesome

Pretty good Sudoku app. I didn't think Sudoku could be competitive but I have caught myself watching my rating against other players. Fantastic

Like the game and all the different boards. Ads are annoying but at least short. Superb!

While one of the better Sodoku apps I do find the controls counter-intuitive which causes me to have a high error rate! Please fix the controls! It would make more sense to select a number via the numbers at the bottom rather than trying to find the number in the grid. Amazing!

Well designed, easy to use, different levels suited for everyone. Adverts aren't invasive, for a free version of an app someone spent their time on, for us, they need the revenue from adverts and it doesn't bother me. In other apps they can be very annoying. Marvelous

Great app. Pity the ads sound comes on even when app sound is off. Means I cannot use the app when I want for fear of disturbing others. Works perfectly

Why would suduku be scary?.... No matter, its an awesome game. It's a nice brain teaser first thing in the morning Surprisingly

It's perfect. The other apps advance too fast. I like the super easy sometimes just for fun. I'm not trying to bust my brain all the time, ya know? Surprisingly

A good sudoku app for passing odd moments. I could live without the stats page as I play for relaxation rather than competition. Worth a go!

My brain has never been so well exercised. I added Sodoku to my growing list of games I use to keep my brain sharp and healthy. Sodoku is a game I enjoy immensely! It's a real teaser! ENJOY.... Recommend

Notes option and automatic clearing of notes when option is no longer available is really helpful. No game freezing. Go well

It's fantastic application. I have only one comment, hopefully you can include advanced ways (i.e xwings...etc.) to solve complicated puzzles via clarification videos. Worth it!

It's a very better game..........nd I have played but only in news papers .....plz you try ..I m sure you like this game .......good for brilliant Muito bom!

The game is cool. But the classic number entering was easier two years ago. Now it requires more fiddling. Never forget KISS which in my opinion you did. Pretty good

It's a great Sudoku app. I've played many. And most are great. I like this one especially a little bit more because when you click on a number it shows and highlights all the other numbers on the grid. The one thing I would change is have a different font style for the numbers you put in place. They basically just use a different boldness for the one you put in place. I like the fact that they have different grids not just your standard 9 by 9 by 9 Works great

Fun, stress reducing. Love being able to select difficulty levels and see how quickly I was able to solve puzzle compared to other players. Never have any issues like freezing or glitching. Amazing!

Wonderful game! Simple to play, but can change difficulty to more challenging. Makes me think. Easiest one I've seen to make notations in the squares. Although I enjoy doing it from memory instead of noting boxes with only possible numbers. Works great

It's super relaxing and allows you to challenge your brain at your own pace. I look forward to the one in the paper but you are limited to only one game and this shows just how long it takes you. It's like a second challenge Good

I have played sudoku for some time. This is the first appt I have used and enjoy using it very much. Nice to be able to adjust the challenge to how you are feeling. Excellent appt. Amazing!

Easy to use. Just wish it had an erase feature like other games I have used. Like that it let's you know all the numbers used. Just wow

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