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I've enjoyed using this app for a while. However what irks me is why does this app keeps resetting itself every few weeks? I have to input my data again everytime it resets and all my previous records are erased. Please do something about this cos I really enjoy this app and I wish to continue using it. Omg

It works really well, it was a little off on my steps but then I measured my stride length and it fixed it. Very user-friendly! Highly Recommend.

I used it for a week and i come to a conclusion that it is the best app to track steps and distance , more accurate that any other app and much better than Google fit. Pretty good

Im trying to get out more and this app is really great for that! I would rereccome this to anyone who wants to get fitter/get out more! I really love this app where you can change the settings to your choice. Not bad

I love this app! Its making exercise fun like a video game! I want to beat my own score and win the race!!! Lol no pun intended! Recommend

Nice to see steps and calories burned. Not sure how accurate that is but, a good guideline. Worth a go!

Using it simply. There's a slight issue if you're riding a bike I think. But works well and doesn't murder battery too bad either. Muito bom!

My favorite app of this style. No GPS activation needed and it works perfectly. I use it every day and it's without any doubt that I recommend it to everyone. 5 star

Very useful and does exactly what it advertises, plus a convenient calorie burning counter as you walk! love it Brilliant

I use it daily to see how many miles I have walked or ran for the day. I can also compare against other weeks. Must have

wonderful app... gps independent. The only problem is unwanted step count at phone movement... if gps dependency remove this bug... please do it... Brilliant

Good app to use.... Everything should be displayed like number of steps on stairs etc Cool

It helps me to get moving and go walking. I love's a great motivation app. It also helps to see the results after you done walking. Well done!!

Great motivation aid and a way of keeping yourself active and healthy with light cardio every day. wow lol

This app is very useful and very using it and always keeps a track of my steps Pretty good

I love this app, keeps track on how much steps I've taken and how long I've walk for Perfect

Very good and accurate app. Just one suggestion to add a ring alarm notification Well done!!

Part of my daily workout routine. One of the most useful apps that are out there. Superb!

Really easy to use. I've found it's helped motivate me to get my steps in each day. Great app. Fully recommend. wow lol

This app works great and the best thing is that you don't need to switch on your internet or gps. I just have few suggestions. 1) can you please change the unit of calorie consumed to Cal and not kcal. It is kind of confusing (like in google fit). 2)since I have used your app as well as Google fit I have noticed there is a huge difference in distance walked ,even though the total number of steps walked is similar. Please look into these. Worth a go!

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