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Have been playing the for a while on my laptop. Was addicted to Paratrooper in 1988. This is a better replacement as I play it when I am relaxing. Marvelous

Nice time pass game. I like it. It should have level to cross it rather than playing another new game each time. Great job

Like playing this offline. ...I have it both on my phone and tablet. husband loves the game. Recommend

Yes,this game is my so so so much favorite,when I had first computer.this is my first n last game. Amazing!

GET rid of the ugly black spider!!! I am over 50 ,not a teen-ager!!!Give me some pretty cards.Please Perfect

I love Spider from my laptop. You can't double click on the piles to move them or change the cards and background. It's ok, might delete. Cool

There's no way of changing anything like the skins or face size or the background color you can't even choose how to move the card Well done!!

Fantastic game,bt how long am I gonna keep playing one game no change on it!try to inhence the game. Put medium and hard it 'll be better so Muito bom!

Good mind constructive game but would have given 5 rating if there would be a option of that card sound as without that it get s boring after few games Superb!

This game can be challenging but fun I would recommend the game of spider solitaire to those who want to be challenged. Sherry Must have

Loved this game...but require some changes....such as sound..... options..and more Works great

This game is awesome, it's challenging but Come on its a game that's the way it's suppose to be. Brilliant

I really like the game I always like to play on and on but it consume a lot of battery-powered Muito bom!

I love this version of the game, my only complaint is it is extremely heavy on the battery, and I am on an S7. I am going to try someone else's version of the game. Great job

Wow i personally loved cause it is fun Great!

Good game but not able to move cards sometimes to required columns due to which completion of game not possible. Works perfectly

It's wonderful! An amazing game for passing your time and relieving boredom. I loved it! Surprisingly

In a game I shall try to finish the game but the play card 7 is nowhere found. So kindly correct the same. Good

In a game I shall try to finish the game but the play card 7 is nowhere found. So kindly correct the same.ln a game also play card no 9 and 3 found instead of play card 8 and 4.So could not finish by me So kindly correct the same love it

Miss correct suit close out like first column several hearts with final few clubs line put together at finish pile at times. Miss a lot not being able to replay same deal. Pretty good

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