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I would like more options as far as card face design. Also when using on my android phone, the bar for my upper graphics keeps getting triggered and lowering down. That slows me down and is frustrating. Kills the mood a lot and causes activation, not escape. But I still like it, so that says something. I am not fond of end of game special effects with the cards. Fantastic

It's fun. Ads are annoying especially the looonnnnnggggg ones. A few glitches, but pretty cool over all. Omg

Best time waster ever. Some say way to many ads, but not true. An ad only comes up before ever game but 1 second later you can continue. Great over all Works great

I love this game! Very addictive! I just wish we could go back more months to solve other daily challenges. I used to play it on my iPhone and I had a pretty good streak going, then I switched to an Android phone and had to start all over again. Then, we got the chance to go back the entire year in December and I tried to solve as many as I could, but couldn't get them all done. Being able to go back to just the previous month is not enough! Must have

This game is one of my favorites and most of my spare time goes to playing it. The only problem is annoying ads before starting any game, which I'm sure it keeps the game free, but it could be better that people see ads on menus or when game is paused. Well done!!

I have spent many hours playing this game. I've played over five thousand games and im still addicted to it. Fantastic

Ads are not intrusive. Since I've been playing for about 4 years, the animations really bug me, tho. I want to play fast, so I want to see my scores quickly. However, I must wait until an animation is over--an animation I've seen SO many times before. NO way to turn off completely if you still want to see your best scores. I've emailed suggestions, but have gotten no responses. Fabulous!

I find Phil's comment totally bizarre. After all it is a game of chance. The super fast times are NOT impressive as it is quite obvious those concerned have cheated and who is impressed by cheats? I get most satisfaction from the games Phil dislikes ie many backtracks and restarts to eventually battle through. It is also much better for your brain f U have to think about it. MTBW. Must have

This has been the longest standing game on my phone. Been playing it for years and it was great. After last upgrade however it has become glitchy, constantly freezing to the point it is unplayable. The ads don't bother me too much although they are now after every hand played. Shame, but it's going to have to be binned love it

The problem is the 30 second ads that cannot be skipped. I shut down the app and move on to something else for a day. I understand the need to generate revenue but 30 second ads is just too much. Superb!

This is the best spider solitaire ever. I've tried several ones, but no one can match with this one. The graphics are smooth, without lagging, and are ad free. Love it! Good job, you guys! Superb!

I love brain challenges like this one. I wonder why they don't make video games with these type of challenges. Instead of killing.... Pretty good

If you're a little more old fashioned than some, and don't want bells and whistles, this is the one for you. Takes me back to when my granpa used to play. Ahh! And, to tell the truth, I've never even noticed the ads. So there! And -- and this is really important -- does anyone know why it's called Spider? Highly Recommend.

Game keeps on freezing during the ads. I have to close the game and reopen it to continue playing. This happens on a regular basis. I have tried to reinstall the game and that doesnt make any difference at all. Considering changing to another app if this isnt rectified Well done!!

I have not played this game since I was able to work over 41/2 years and I am so happy that I was able to find this game, thank you so much Recommend

I like this version of Spider Solitaire however I did have problems with it on my old Tablet but that might have been because the memory was getting full. On my new tablet the game seems to be on steroids, the moves are so quick it hurts my eyes! Muito bom!

Great time passer. Love the daily challenges some can be a challenge even the regular games. Only thing i dont like about this game is if someone else gets a real good score like it. Takes them 92 moves and 30 seconds to 2 min. It afects those who don't its almost impossible to get a high score. Other than that great game !!!!!!! Great!

I do love the graphics, but I would like to see more of the spider plus please add more & different graphics. I wish there weren't ads, but I enjoy being able to play for free! Highly Recommend.

Addictive in a good way. Fun to try and if I get stuck the game shows me a possible move. Love it. love it

Graphics are clear, good looking, customizable, and easy to read. Ads are appropriate and not too intrusive. Haven't had any crashes. Awesome way to pass a few minutes. Glad I switched to this one. Muito bom!

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