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I do not find the play to be smooth. Some times when I am trying to select I'm the. Cards to move, it will be hard to pick up the cards I want. Other times it seems to scatter the cards on multiple piles. I wish there were a better version! Surprisingly

The only thing that gets me is when u touch the whole line of cards. Its very hard to get the whole thing on another. Card. It always goes somewhere else, and I get lost where I am. Plus u don't have hint icon on our game, that would help too. Fabulous!

It does what its suppose to. Its easy to understand, play, n to access settings. Graphics good. Tried several SS apps and this is the only one ill download and play!!! Remember magma mobile next time your looking for the best spider solitaire app in the android market. Dont trust icons make sure its by MM. xXoO Superb!

Superb game....been playing Spider Solitaire for far the best version. I have fads on other games but this is my go to game. Cannot get past a 65% success rate though! Perfect!

Play is smoother than some other games of this genre, I wish you'd remove the predictive ability. I want to place the cards where I want them, but the game will try to argue with me, which I don't know, but otherwise, it's great. My tablet (Lenovo yoga 3) won't t play it in portrait mode, was that designed into the game. Other games will. Omg

I like being able to restart the game. I don't like the way columns seem to have minds of their own. I start to move one to a particular place, and the game decides to move things to where it thinks things should go. Frustrating... yet, for all that, I still like playing it. Fix this issue and we're good to go! Fantastic

Even if this app is just running in the background, it keeps my phone lit and prevents it from timing out & turning off the screen. If they fixed their bugs, this app would be perfect, but I don't think they ever do. Looking for a better app. Fabulous!

Even if this app is just running in the background, it keeps my phone lit and prevents it from timing out & turning off the screen. If they fixed their bugs, this app would be perfect, but I don't think they ever do. Fantastic

I like this version a lot, however, what is the deal with the Blackjack advertisements? Are they the reason for the glitches where the screen is white and I have to choose Quit and sort things out? Please respond. Had to uninstall and find a different version before but I like yours best. Superb!

I like the game and enjoy playing it. I try hard to win and like to see the percentage of games I've won. What I don't like is when there is a glitch or the game stops and it counts it as a loss! This really throws off my percentage as it happens quite often and shows lots of losses when I've only lost one or two. Very frustrating! Highly Recommend.

So good I have to delete it from time to time. Too much of a temptation. Nice graphics, controls, and overall playing experience. Ads are not annoying as in so many other apps. Flawless

My favorite card game now. You can choose one suit or multiples, depending on your desire for challenge, and I like that it allows dealing to empty columns. wow lol

LOVE THIS GAME. Played it for years. Only 2 problems...1 ads...wish I could buy the game. 2 white screen if I lock my screen and try to come back to the game. Awesome

Fun game... keeps my mind sharp by trying to beat my scores on speed or moves used Down side is that on the phone the screen is small and fingers are large, when trying to do precision moves from one pile to another, it can be hard Say I have 8 to ace in a row but only need the 5 to ace and there's an empty spot... If I'm not accurate, the pile I want will end up in the empty slot vs what I wanted to select going to the other pile as a finishing move That means time wasted as well as spent moves But in general I love the game love it

The Game is really a good version.I enjoyed more than any other.When I'm free I enjoy to play this game.If More features to be provided,it will be better for us to play and enjoy with this game only.Thanks for providing good featured game. Enjoyed in my free time. 5 star

It is a great way to pass time. If you have to take a time out from it you can pick up where you left easily. My 9 & 10 yr old boys love it also! Great game!! Perfect

I really enjoy this game. It's easy to use and color choices makes it Bright and easy to see. I find it relaxing and actually helps me to fall Just wow

The only thing I see that needs to be addressed is, when you win a game your​ information banners come right up and block the card dance. Very frustrating. Otherwise I like the game very much. Not bad

One of my favorite card games. Absolutely relaxing. Been playing for years. Never bored. Time passes quickly with this game. Downside is that it uses up battery life quickly but still love it. Omg

Love it Had this app on my phones for some time for those moments in life when a mind enema is necessary. Love it. Never had any issues with it running, it could do with coming with a rehab option to be able to stop playing. Well done!!

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