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Fun up until your partner starts making stupid bids and plays to make sure you lose. Happens every time you win a bunch in a row. 4 star partner bid 4 in 6 straight hands, pulled 1, 1, 4, 2, 1 & 2. Surprisingly

In general, I love the game of Spades! Although this app is fun, I wish there was an interactive option that would allow individuals to play in the same game, simultaneously. Instead of, all other participants being computerized players. Reason being, my computer partner doesn't appear to strategize with me, but at times, plays for their own benefit. That's makes it feel unrealistic. But hey, it's just an app, right? Well done!!

The 5* players are the worst you wont make your bid cant play with them. 1* and 2* players except for Sam are much better than the rest of the bunch. They always make there bid and help your nil not throwing out 2s and 3s like the 5*s. You'll have the best hand you ever seen in your life if you go blind nil. Cool

For me it seems that I am dealt horrible hands at crucial points during the game...consistently!!! I play spades and I understand it's all in the way the cards fall but in this case every time it happens..not sure if anyone else has observed that but just wanted to give my opinion. Not bad

Would be a perfect 5 if my partner did not bid 4 everytime. No matter which partner i choose. I usually have to bid 2 under to cover their bid. The update ruined the fun. Do not suggest downloading it. Awesome

Great game. Hard at first. You just have to pick the right npc to coincide with your play style. Semi intrusive ads tho. Brilliant

Great game but highest rated partners should not be throwing off spades when not led and passing up tricks when bid is 13 or 14. 5 rated also will lead with low cards when partner goes nil and they have higher cards, will take tricks they don't have to when bid is met and bags are at 8 or 9. Highest rated partners should not be mediocre. Worth it!

You will be happy to know we found a bug in compiler, making it slow and weaker. Upgrade to a later Google compiler and now up to 3x faster, for release 4th Aug. Good

Just a really fun game to play, whether having a bad day or just a boring and rainy day... Fun, entertaining and you can adjust it to your skill level and you don't get much better than that Works great

I loved the earlier version and gave it 5 stars. But the updates have made it only an average game. There are too many nil bids, almost every other hand. I agree with most of the negative comments. Superb!

I LOVE THIS APP. I turned my fiance into a spades junkie LOL. The game is relaxing, exciting and fun. With that said, suggestion to the developers please find a way to allow ALL players to communicate to each other. I would love to tell Mary my favorite to "WATCH THE BOARD AND BIDS" LOL. Also add more higher skilled players if possible. BUT EXCELLENT GAME. Surprisingly

It would be nice if y'all would put a cut throat every player for itself. Every time I get a new phone I down load this app to my new phone. PS could yall add a bubble so I can talk to my partner to and a camera so you can put your picture over your name Amazing!

I am writing this review after playing this game for more than 3 years. I love this game so much that I have taught it to my wife, family and friends also. Spades by AI factory is my favourite. There is one suggestion I would like to give to the developers. Me and my wife always wish that if this game could be played over LAN or internet among friends, then it would be so much fun. Two humans can play in the same or opposite team with computer and it would really make this game awesome. I don't think there are any other apps that allow this kind of multiplayer gameplay. Please give us these features and I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars for sure. Perfect!

(1) Partner doesn't do well to cover you on a Nil bid; (2) Partner sometimes trumps you when they could play another card. Game's not perfect, but fun and enjoyable. If you like Spades, I recommend this. Enjoy it!

I Very fun game !!! I love the messages in the bubbles wish I could comment too Awesome

I think the game is great and definitely helps improving the brain. I just don’t understand what penalty is for. Recommend

I've played other online spades games & I feel this is the closest to using real cards. With one exception, of your partner cutting you. Enjoy it!

I love this game. Great entertainment however I said it before and I'll say it again. IT CHEATS ! opponent bid nil and 5 made nil but only pulled 4 tricks and got a hundred point bonus for the nil and no penalty for not making the bid. I have a screen shot. How do I send it ? Cool

It always seems that the ai on my team intentionally does poorly, so I have to adjust the way I play to make up for it. Enjoy it!

Only downfall is you can't comment back. Love that the avatars talk. Very realistic, I love to play to pass time. Works perfectly

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