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Damn good game but some people up here can't play it's one thing I hate about this game. Works great

Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome Great job

The Don't ask again button does not work when I select it to send friends free chips. I would love it if you could add a select all option button to send the chips. I have a lot of friends on the game and it takes forever to send chips to them all. If you can fix this issue I would give it 5 stars. Also if your playing on your phone and get a phone call you lose your money and your spot on your table. Is there anyway you can keep your money you bet if you get a phone call and lose your spot? Flawless

Just don't like the vulgarness mainly from black people very rude!!! And there slang they say means some extra schooling would be helpful for them! Other then that great game Marvelous

Best spades game app on the net. Play solo unless you have a great partner though because you can't depend on the game giving you a partner who will play like you. Lots of opportunities for cool prizes along with big money. Good

It finally corrected my problems!!!! So now 5 stars. It has the best game plays, challenges, and graphics of any app! Peak games are the best!! Love their Gin app also!!! Flawless

Playing this game helps me get thru bad days. I love the constant changes that I hope will continue. Superb!


I love playing Spades but when you get short on coins they always want you to buy more but they don't want to give you any. Oh and they won't let you have more than 1000 or so friends let me be able to get more friends. Go well

Like every game on here it does get awful streaky. Im sure its set up that way. Great game..awesome game. Need a way to send chips to all friends at one time. Complete waste off time sending coin one person at a time Highly Recommend.

Good time passer and great game. But I feel it is sometimes rigged and unless you pay you'll have better hands. It's too convenient to have 4 bags and get a hand that's filled with jack's, queen's, and king's.... I know its rigged and gives the players better odds than the players who play for free. My opinion... love it

If you hadn't done away with suicide I'd give a 5. Suicide is my favorite way to play and you took it away. Perfect

Really fun game. You can't get offended easily tho. Some people are just jerks and use very foul language and insults. Great job

Great game. Only negative thing i can state is that the lag can really mess up an entire game. Enjoy it!

So far so good. Wish there was a practice room though. People get angry when their partners don't know how to play. It just a game people! Brilliant

Addictive & FUN!! Like meeting new people and the options of filtering is nice also. ISSUE--The app needs the options to send coins to all of your friends at once not individually & the selection to "not asked again before sending" DOES NOT WORK/RECOGNIZE the choice is checked. Worth a go!

In God we trust great but so many angry piegons of race issues. But I have learned from God to block em. Thank You Jesus for a fun game. 4-10-17 now my Yahoo spades has been hacked 2x they take all my coins my framily has sent me. 84 friends nd coins stolen. Need more security for the coins we have or is storing for hard times. So many haters it's just a GAME folks let up. My enemies Jehovah God will take of you. Game team framily God bless you guys for the hard work you guys do for the game. Thank you Jesus Ow the Game has connection issues (9/30/17) Enjoy it!

I love playing card games but wit my life being so busy wit my family dnt have time to call up people an play cards thankful for spades! Highly Recommend.

Headset and camera video . Talk with people Rather than via text it would be much more social upgrade... Flawless

The only thing you need is a select all when sending coins. Pain doing one at a time Worth it!

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