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This app has podcasts and indie music. There is no better app for those elements wow lol

This app is great. It has all my favourite songs and it never buffers. I really recommend this app for people who love music. Muito bom!

nice app been using since 4 years ago,i like it but now that there exists the plus version the quality of the app has lowered,for example the existance of apos that try to mimic spotify even though soundcloud for me has been an exelent option instead of spotify. 8/10 Fabulous!

I love the fact that different musicians can come together and share there ideas as well as listen to mainstream music. Highly Recommend.

Please add a "clear queue" button. Only thing that I think is missing from this app. Amazing!

Best Music app ever. I absolutely love the app any song you could want is there! Also great quality for all your favourite songs too. It rarely gives an ad and its only about 30 seconds long. I can't stress how much I love the app I would recommend this to everyone who loves music! Surprisingly

Well it's pretty good sometimes my YouTube doesn't work and I use my SoundCloud because it has my playlist Superb!

It's great! it's just like Pandora but with little adds AND you can pick the song you want! Works perfectly

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There are a few issues with the present version. The tracks slow down and gets noisy frequently, which is unacceptable. Sometimes when I pause and play something else in another application, SoundCloud cannot play the track which I was playing before. I have to find it from recently played and seek to the portion (I listen to an hour or two hour long broadcasts). None of these happened before. Else things are fine. Let me know if you acknowledge these issues. **EDIT** The above issues seems to be gone, but the application keeps on crashing regularly when playing hour long tracks. Amazing!

An effective, reliable, and light weight music app and awesome way to keep up with podcasts better than using the music play app. Worth a go!

Ads are getting a bit excessive after being bearable the past few months.. love the service and accessibility. love it

My sister first had this and some times she let me use it and it was an awesome app. Also it has everyone I like. And if you download a song you can listen to it NO WIFI NEEDED. It has its nooks and crannys but other than that it is a awesome music app. And now I have it. Surprisingly

Its good app...but my only question is that how to transfer songs from sound cloud playlist to my memory card or sd card...... Awesome

Soundcloud is one of the best music apps,it's basically YouTube without the video! Enjoy it!

I am using this almost for six months.Only issue I am facing that the app doesn't show on lock screen..Plz help it out to show on the lockscreen as well. Marvelous

There is a glitch on the app where a song tried to load and it only does part of it, and it's not a song that's exclusive to SoundCloud go. Most of my songs load fine, but some of them don't load properly under the same conditions as the others, even after deleting and reinstalling the app. Fantastic

Soundcloud stopping when my phone sleep. Same as when I lock screen phone. I uninstalled it and restart my phone and download it again and still this issue exists Works perfectly

Samsung S9+ all work correct! The widget stop work on S7 edge... after update widget steel not work Enjoy it!

Bug list: 1.There is no option for changing the privacy of the playlist. Please fix this in the next update. (It's a preference ,not a bug.) 2.Music changes but not the name in the notification. plays in background but no sign of it in notification. 4. When app is closed music stops too. Please do notice these bugs and fix them in the next update. Works great

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