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Anyone else never win? I've played solitaire thousands of times but never lost more games than with this app love it

My favorite game app! So far I've played Hundreds of hour's and i dont see that changing any time soon Superb!

It's a sad day when I must say I actually dislike a Zynga game. This one just feels unfinished. One of my favorite games is Klondike solitaire. The best app I've found is by Mobilityware. I love Zenga, they are my all time favorite so I wish Zenga would add to this &make it more custom. Mobility ware allows you to put a custom background, either one of the ones they provide or one from your photo's file. You can do the same with the card backs, either one of the choices they provide or one of your own custom photo from your photo gallery! You can also change the face of the cards. You can choose a right hand or a left hand orientation as well as play a single card or three card deal. IF Zenga would add a few features like that it would be the best solitaire. I would even switch from Mobilityware. Thanks for being awesome! Margie Muito bom!

Gives you the ability to show you when you are beating your scores. Fun to play. Marvelous

It's an awesome app. It doesn't glitch although the adds get annoying sometimes. But there aren't as many as other games and app's! : ) Must have

the game is really interesting , doesnt give you get bored I like how game sometimes gets hard , sometimes easier. I had to replay a game three or mire times to win . thanks for such easy gameplay :) Surprisingly

Way less ads than other games! I don't feel like I get penalized for not being able to win a game like I have in other games. Good

I've been playing this Solitaire game for several years. It doesn't limit the number of cards you can use or the number of times you can play, like other brands that I've used. Truly FREE & FUN! love it

This was a great app until the scrolling ads at the top of screen cause hopeless freezeups. You ruined it Adchoice. Fantastic

I have been hacked by someone or something in this game. It freezes and lags sometimes. Flawless

Keep ads so we can find the delete X I don't like to shut down and start over. Thanks love it

I don't mind ads. But I DO mind ads that play sound even when I've disabled the in-app sounds. I always feel bad when it wakes up my sleeping husband. Just wow

Its very time consuming and a great game to play at night time and it's also a great game to play in general wow lol

I think it is a great time to spend extra time if you have any, in your day to use this app Fantastic

Great game app, but sometimes when you switch to new game, it wants u to download other games. Surprisingly

It is a challenging and entertaining game. You could easily play this s to calm down. Awesome

Nice free app but.....can't stand the ads!!! I try to put game on silent but then ads come on loud. Brilliant

Never played this game before I love it, when I have nothing to do this is my pickup game love it

Calming.....just plain old Solitaire.....available anytime you want a quick break. Perfect!

This is a good Solitare app. I just wish I didn't have to watch an ad after every game, although it is a short ad. Worth a go!

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