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MAKE SURE YOUR GOOGLE PLAY REQUIRES A PASSWORD BEFORE PLAYING THIS GAME!! I do love to play this game but my Google play account was charged $110 by this game and when I brought it to their attention that I didn't purchase this, all of a sudden they don't have any control over purchases while Google play says they have total control. They have also helped me with purchases in the past so I know it's not true and they could refund me but they don't want to make it right. Marvelous

Very addictive. Don't fully understand all the extra bits but great to pass the time. Brilliant

This game doesn't tell you how to play or how to find things. But it has lots of things that change and lots of small games and big Gamez if you can follow. Great job

Great twist to an oldie but goodie type game! My dad taught me this game when I was young! I like this version Awesome

This is the best Solitaire game! Great graphics, fun, easy to understand. Great coloring.. This game is my favorite of all the graphics. Great!

I just did the update. And now I have only 10% of the coins I had before. 400,000 coins are now 39,000 coins. Must have

Very enjoyable.If you lose, the cards reset exactly.Not sure if this is a continuous effect. I'm going to keep at it. Cool

Easy to learn but hard to is packed with side activities to keep you on your phone for hours!! Perfect!

I had solitare tri peaks on my old Samsung galaxy s4 active before it went dead. I couldn't wait to get it again for my new phone. The best solitare game out there in my opinion. Great graphics, fun animation, great tropical music. Fantastic

Very nice mechanics all around. Has ads to earn currency for levels, but can stack points to unlock as many levels at once. At the same time, it rewards people enough to not have to spend real money in game. This also has a great league mode that reminds of a similar poker game, balancing a competitive reward system. Finally it has enough social components to be able to connect with friends and actually work as a team in order to improve. Where as other games just use multiplay to show cosmetic effects. Great over all game :) Muito bom!

I enjoy this game a lot. I am not happy with all the ads both the pop up and the Solitaire Tripeaks brought to you by.. and the farther you go the more it costs so sometimes you just have to stop playing for a while and build up some capital. It's fairly addictive though. Easy enough to play. The graphics are good and it can be quite challenging. Considering that it is free, I guess you can't complain too much. Great job

One issue this game has is that it's rigged. When you watch the ad and then it wants you to select one of three cards. I pick one and the higher coin amount is always the card opposite the one I choose. The least is usually in the middle. I have tried every different combinations of picking the card. The outcome is always the same. Why would I then turn around and spend any money on this game. If they will rip you off when you haven't even put any money down, they surely will when you do. Perfect!

Love the game. Love the changes but can't play anymore. Freezes up and won't download. Have no problems if using wi-fi. As long as you have high speed mobile data it works. If you have 2g speeds it freezes and won't download and can't play anymore. Need to fix so you can still play on 2g speeds. (Update) went to unlimited data. Works great. Surprisingly

This game is fun, it is addicting. However because of the constant changing and the unfair advantages that some players get (not everyone has the same events, quests, or in game things) it's becoming less and less appealing. And the multiple device fix is a joke! EVERYONE had that advantage and they took it! Dumb! Marvelous

What I dislike is that I now cannot play without logging into Facebook. It is no business of Facebook to track how I spend my time. I have deleted and uploaded the app several times and still cannot play unless I'm on Facebook. I will not play as often because of this. Otherwise I have enjoyed playing it. Works great

It's fairly nice and addicting. Though, my only thing I'm not too fund of, is I have to pay too much coins to play a game and earn little in daily and club rewards. Other than that, I like it. Omg

Having to watch forced adverts for other games isn't funny! it's very intrusive & if anything it causes people like me to uninstall this game! I INSTALLED THIS GAME TO PLAY THIS GAME NOT WATCH FORCED ADVERTS FOR GAMES THAT I'M NOT INTERESTED IN love it

Ok i initially gave it 5 stars but After 123 levels and 120.00 dollars with no big jackpot win i will be uninstalling this game. Now if u threw us a big bone once in a while like a 1000000 jackpot then you would still have me hooked. Good

I like playing it! It's hard to stop...I want to keep going to see how well I can do. I don't care for the clubs. Seems too complicated for a game that's just for fun for me to pass the time. But then again, I don't have to join. Cool

I'm somewhat addicted as you can tell from what I've spent. Wish you would include more wild cards and volcanos in booster/coin packages. Omg

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