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Too laugh of this game... It so sweet had an auto to play then I'd enjoys a lots... Well done!!

its cool like i dont kmeed to buy snakes and ladder board all ihave to do is download Brilliant

It is a nice game which keeps me occupied when I'm bored. It is more fun when there are other players. Muito bom!

It is very very nice and very wonderful game if didn't have any friends to play with you there is a computer Perfect

I am 8 and i'm almost 9. I played this game with my little sister and it's awsome! Awesome

Its fun to play with family and friends and when no one wants to play you could just play with a computer or watever Not bad

Your game is putting up snake on purpose, your game sucks, computer keep winning again and again ... thanks for letting us rate this garbage game Worth a go!

It's a nice game any one can play ...personally speaking I enjoy a lot ...with my mom... Go well

A good game to pass the time away .you just need to be prepared to loose as well as win. Enjoy it!

i played this in real life it was really fun i saw this game and it was extremely fun bye Omg

I want the game because the graphics is amazing! So i want to step on #100! When i was eaten in a snake, thats ok just step on#100! wow lol

Honestly, its good for the first few games, but then it gets repetitive and boring. This game doesn't require skill. wow lol

I downloaded this game before but online play doesn't work you see no dice use to work before please fix mobrix Great job

It's ok, get sick and tried of computer always going up ladders and hardly down snakes and never the one that goes back to start Surprisingly

I think this game is a amazing,it will help kids to skip numbers and to learn how to to a hundred. Fabulous!

I love it , frome old times I played this game to now but now in my ipad از بچگی عاشق این بازی بودم و پک ورقی این بازیو داشتم ولی حالا توی ایپدم دارمش . Surprisingly

It's very nice I enjoy the difference in all other games I've played so far. Takes me back to childhood days, Not bad

Because i am the lead of this game and aslo i played this games when i was 2 years old and now i am 34 that means that played this game for over 34 years Perfect!

This game is awesome. The last time I played this game was approximately 40 years ago. Thank you so much Not bad

Computer always wins though people never get the change to win. But over all its a good game Just wow

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