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Very good. Exellent graphics! The controls should be a little faster. Plz download this game. Its superb - Amey warnekar. Worth it!

I was on level 90 odds all powers i signed into Facebook and was put back to level 1. Not happy. Highly Recommend.

Pretty good boredom killer. It's surprisingly good fun. I even feel sorry for my opponents when they get snaked. Go well

Love this game I tell all who loves snake and ladders game should download this bcoz this is amazing I think I m playing inside the game really I want this game from before and this happened thanx I m so happy wow lol

Game is very good. Hope u guys come up with new updates & challenges as the present version is getting bored. All the best Works perfectly

Fabulous game i played ever in board games group... graphics... awesome... music awesome... avatars available in this game are best beautifully they run ... snake captures a player...but its always showing you ads after game competition even you don't click to watch button Amazing!

First of all i can't login with my facebook account. Everytime I try, it gives me an error. I've tried multiple times uninstalling and reinstalling the app but i still can't log in with my fb Account. Apart from this, I'm totally loving this game. Brilliant

Amazing graphics possibilities to be a #1 game. Problem entire game 2 ladder contacts and 3 snakes. Bored by redundancy halfway through. This game could kick ass. Suggest larger assortment of players. Same head on differant costumes a copout. Watching A player not fight the snake. Cop out. I'm sure every idea I have you 100 more. Honestly could be an epic game. Give it all you got. People will buy this game. Uninstalling but will watch for ads. Good luck Must have

Good..But. The game is really good even there's gonna be an update. But it's quite Annoying when it comes to play the game online It always shows "no internet connection" When I have a good WiFi network Great job

Superb game, you will enjoy your childhood in any age. Developer, you also can change levels and backgrounds, stages and you can put more horror and effects on snakes and ladders. Thanx for a better game Great job

Wow omg wow like i have nothing to say about this game its amazing please make a more games like this and i love the music so epic what i really like about this game is the graphics wow i am now a rlly big fangirl right now heh you know and and please this game is FAN -tastic get it ?srry i just love this game Fantastic

If you can also give a sword in player hand, and a small fight to defend him with the snake, if he wins the battle than he won't go down, just a suggestion, just think of it Not bad

I have earned so much coins and gems but now both showing zero and m not able to play online what the problem pleaze tell Works perfectly

Excellent Thanks for all :& please improve the game frome 1 to 100 numbers &add the separate box for every player .to play separate in his box. &also add can play 6 to 7 player Thank you Perfect!

AMAZING I had never imagined that snakes and ladders could be so interesting! Sadly Fantastic

Great graphics and also if you could add some multiplayer via bluetooth or lan, this thing will be more fantastic! Thanks Must have

This game is cool but as my son played the online he somehow went negatives in the coins and cant play any online cause it tells him he doesnt have enough coins and he is negative 11000 coins dont know how this happened but please fix he enjoys the online game mode. Omg

Very addictive game... High quality of graphics.. Its fun playing this app. If you update your play with friends.. Its more additive... And much fun&enjoy Flawless

Be prepared to pay a little to get some extra coins when you run out. The game is really great but playing online and losing five times in a row is infuriating to no end. But you have to do that to get the "power ups" that seemingly work against you most the time. Fun to play with friends, not so much online. Perfect

Developers Attention to detail needed here..!! Why do doors open and instead of falling through them, you fall from above them? Game continually crashing throughout, also if you win games, the coin value owing to you doesn't increase, 1000 +150 does not equal 900?? No way am I buying add on when it can't add up! Also why so many permissions? Flags up privacy high risk!? Spyware? Are online players for real? All pictures have same detail background? Mmmm.. Highly Recommend.

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