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Very bad game.. i think on one can like this game than please dont waste your time for this game.. 5 star

I think second chance player play only computer mean automatic play second chance to other player pls update this game 5 star

As usual, far too many PERSISTENT in your face consecutive ads on all Apps!! Ads gone Wild!! Just wow

Not so fair. It gives a golden small age in my familymates familymates together join to play this game Marvelous

I think this game s most popular in world.. Thnk u.. Bye. Ok good day have a nice day... Yyou r so sweet.. So noty.. Ok.. Bye... Take care.. Brilliant

Dice are not good enough. It should be 3d. The computer must be the competitor for single play. Perfect

It was very old &supar timeless game in India....i love this game thanks very much..... Omg

Gauri It's very very very very good , lovely , excellent, games thnx God to make this game Perfect!

Not highlight the player chance Dice should be change the color accordance to player otherwise confuse whose going to play I hope you understand my concern Superb!

Snakes and Ladders Free Game... Muje ye Saanp Seedi vali game bhut achi lagti hai. Mind blowing Hindi Kids Game Saap Sidi with HD Graphics and Multi Players options. wow lol

Cool Snakes and Ladders Game... My most remember childhood Gujarati Game "Sap Sidi". Super graphics in this Saanp Seedi (LUDO) game, with Multiplayer Facility. Great job

wow.... sap Sidi. I like Snakes and Ladders Game too much Amazing Gujarati Game Saap Seedi. Nice one, two, three and four multiplayer Board Game. Fabulous!

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