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Sometimes the ticket gets deducted but game doesnot start.. Should have more tickets. Game also hangs, due to which sometimes couldnot play 1-2 balls. Graphics are good. Go well

Game is super.But you give cards for winners it will help to play more.card credit also more time please give more cards,by watching ad you should give cards to play and in purchasing by the coins also.please give these in next update. Tnq u all Just wow

I need new players like de cock . Gambir etc.... Give us a more differend player Don't give same player at all and same opponent also I am waiting for a rare good players 5 star

This game is very good but it needs some improvements 1# plz try to make controls a bit better 2# make view from the bowling side 3# And plz if you can make this happen so please add bowling in this game if you can make this happen because it is not that much importante and plz plz plz plz plz reply me back because I want to see your game better in comonig time becaise I love your game and plz plz plz plz reply me back Must have

Goods: 1. Smooth and simple gameplay 2. No overheating problem 3. Requires relatively less space Bads (Needs to improve): 1. Need more players, preferably transfer market 2. More variety of shots- Even if I play leg side, it plays off side. 3. Too much run feast I think, too much 3s, it should be replaced by more 2s and 4s and also some singles should be dot balls 4. Batsmen strike change when taking singles and 3s Great!

Very nice game to pass your time. I would like to see option to choose players when we go to buy players. Giving just random player isn't really working. Superb!

Nice game i like this game Please update this game like not only batting in game there will be bowling also so please add some new features like in team there should be more players so plz fast Works perfectly

I love this game.The best multiplayer cricket game in world.This game is just 19 mb& very very good graphics.But one defect is less tickets i,e 7,so it is.... not good ... Go well

It's good game ! But there should be add friends to play any time with friends, also should be free play for offline tickets should be only for online play,it will help to earn coins and upgrade players for online competition , that's all , thanks I hope you understand me Enjoy it!

5 star game just few things to be added colors of uniform naming your own team and also bowling should be there in multiplayer and carrer both overall game is 5 star game ratting you 5 star hope for the positive feed back Player from Pakistan love you india Fabulous!

Good Game But need some improvements.. 1.If I perform well in First over, score more runs than the opponent, then the Green colour Meter which is at Left side corner Will decreases who ever the opponent bowler is, it allows opponent to Hit more runs in Second over, it creates some nonsense.. Please rate the bowlers based upon their ranks but not upon the situations.. For example If a S ranked bowler must have to give same timing(green colour) whenever he bowls, but not upon the situations. Marvelous

Wow Man This Game is Just Fab... no words... I like the Online section wher we can compete with eatch other whom we really dont know.... Good one Guys.. good One... Worth it!

Game awesome kindly add bowling option without condition Plz fix the issue as currently I facing issue when I win or lose the game then stuck & showing below: Waiting opponent response Kindly help to resolve ASAP Perfect!

Please change when it goes 4,6 their is a black smoke in blast And also when it wins or lose The batsman should do something​. Like he should lift his bat or by lose he should go walking with his head down. All over i love this game. Enjoy it!

Well deserve game!! I am a little cricket fan.. This game has increased the leval of game!! Fun loving.. Tuff with online players but we can make it easy with our points!! Fantastic

It is the best cricket game I have ever seen and the best thing about it is that you can play online and offline I would advice everyone to download this game Marvelous

Addictive So much interesting game but i didn't​ hack it because its based upon server anyway i am enjoying it thanks 5 star

Lots of fun.... Truly amazing and addictive.. Egarly I wait for the tickets when I ran out of them, surely "I'm loving it.... " Fantastic

INTERESTING I'downloaded this game reluctantly a day suddenly in order to kill time but now I'm kinda addicted to it. The game contains good graphics,, challenging levels,, amazing sound qualities,, offline play mood & most of all it's an kinda best time killing game for cricket lovers. Hereby I'd like to suggest that every 2nd person who's interested in CRICKET but due to challenging life lead can't take out time throughout the busy schedule must try it at least once in order be stress~less in bored [email protected] special thanks to the game providers & crew for developing such an amazing time passing game for us®Keep it up!! Works great

Its a good game. But one thing is short in this game that we can't bowl. Pls add this feature nd it will be an awsm game. Muito bom!

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