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This app is good the dresses are pretty but do not hate it because you just look at photos. Recommend

It was a very beautiful game.According to my opinion I feel that it's a nice girly game because we can put any dress on our pic and the dresses u have shown is also very pretty. So I like this very much.thank u so much for such beautiful game. Marvelous

I think that by make uping our photo and if we send some one they will think that the is girl is really good Perfect

When I downloaded the app I thought it to be a good one.But when I started adjusting my pic it was not so good and also there were too many ads. Excess ads were coming. These must become less. One can try it but I don't think it would be so good Brilliant

Very bad wrost app please don't download it waste of data and time it not correct not suitable for our face I hate it Brilliant

I think it is the most lovely thing of every one who teak photos with this cemara In 5 star

Excellent It is a good app before buying dress we can see how we look on that dress before buying it It is very good please download it I am sure you will like it Enjoy it!

I think it's a good opportunity to just try the dreses before buying them just for good pictures. IT'S BEST! Awesome

Nice I loved it. I loved these dresses. These dresses helped me to decorate my pics. Just wow

Tank gig if ghost che fare me fare is for may vjfk Luigi junked mango look here Ryukyu look here Ryukyu jjjvjb Not bad

တ်ဲတို့လိုခႏၶာကိယ္နဲ့ဒီအရုပ္နဲ့မဆန့ဘူးု Great!

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