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Battery temp badge isn't working :( I love this clock&all the different things it can tell u in such a little box&I like that I can even make it have pretty colors lol.. But for some reason, just recently, it stopped showing my battery temp even though it is clearly turned on in the settings. I've used this app since my 1st samsung a few years ago&the battery temp badge worked then. Is anybody else having this problem or does somebody know why it would tell me it's turned on&not be on there &also tell me what I can do to fix it? Surprisingly

Low Stars - Unfair! This is by far my favorite clock widget, and I've tried a LOT of them! Simple, attractive skins, LOVE the ability to attach apps to the minutes and hours... it's just plain awesome! Surprisingly

Say Heah Guy's, I usually don't give this high of a rating but if there were more star's I would have given it, but I luv these App's, I have three Weather & Time App's just for a change of pace, super easy to use, look great, and accurate, my weather and location stopped working, I contacted the Support Team they replied right away and just told me to uninstall and redownload the app and blip, blap, blam good as new, keep up the great work Support Team and Thank You. Highly Recommend.

I have used the widget for a long time. Its flexible setting allow me to display the selected info I want. However, it seems to me there is a restriction on size selection after I bought a new smart-phone with the size enlarged from 4 x 2 to 5 x 2. I hope an update about size can be provided. Thank you. Worth it!

Weather doesn't work anymore It doesn' load any data on samsung s5, and 5.0, on other phones there are no ossues

I've used this clock for years. I really like how customizable the widget is. I've used it on three devices now and it does everything I want. I set the minutes to open an alarm app and the hours to open a timer app. All my time stuff is right there and it makes perfect sense. I also get system info there. I turn off weather notification.

Great! Except for one thing Be sure to set your phone to "Restrict background data" on this app!! I like to have the weather listed with the time. That's the only thing I can think of that I changed, and about 5 days later my phone reports that this app alone has used 1GB of my mobile data!! Hopefully changing that setting will fix my problem.

Found a glitch I've used this widget on multiple phones and love it. However as my eyesight has worsened I have adjusted my phone system settings to large text so I can read texts without glasses. Now the numbers on the clock don't fit. :-(

I agree and also love it Need to be able to change the size. Just upgraded to the note 5 and the 4x2 is to small and you can't see everything on the widget. Thx

Glad To Have This Back! UPDATE 17 AUGUST: Widget freezes on initialization. Have uninstalled (and maintained a reduced four-star rating) pending a fix. PREVIOUS: Puts time, date, weather and system information in one central location and looks pretty while doing so. Can't beat that.

Weather not updating I love this app but I've been unable to update the weather for well over a week now. Will give more stars once the problem is fixed.

Weather function doesn't work anymore Weather function doesn't work on 5.0 software and above as far I can tell. Was a 5 star app before. Now have to find something else. Its to bad loved it when it worked. Good

Loses Fahrenheit setting and no location Works great on Samsung galaxy 5s active except that if often shows temperature in Celsius despite Fahrenheit setting being on. Also, why doesn't it automatically detect my location instead of asking me to hard-set one? Superb!

Best time & weather widget I have ever tried. Muito bom!

and full screen weather animations. Perfect

android digital clock widget with calendar time system info weather amp. love it

Was working well then stopped keeping track of time after update. Annoying

No current location on widget. Not working

Great Concept, Major Function Failure Several good features, but weather forecast does not work at all! Fatally terrible!!

Good app, minor niggles. This is a good, versatile app with plenty of features. Weather location works fine for me (in a nothing sort of small town in SW England). Only minor irritant is that the temperature reading doesn't hold its setting: should be C, but keeps reverting to F, even though the "Fahrenheit" box remains unticked. Works great

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