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Wao,this is the supper Excellence app that have not been exist ,highly motivating,and updating with daily news all around the globe, you're greater than the rest. Worth a go!

Actually, I just downloaded the app. But I've been getting notifications on my phone for the past few month , and I think is credible enough and worth installing!! Big ups to you!!! 5 star

Eaglee is simply out of this world. Great UI, Supersonic speed, Relevant news,highly compatible , Uniqe and entertaining. A sweet, Fancy model of what an App should be like. Kudos Highly Recommend.

Good app, good user experience. Now I can get lots of interesting news and videos. I'm glad to share it with my friends. Flawless

Its indeed a great app but I will like them to give useful information on earning money online Perfect!

I have got it today, let me try to check how it is and I will comment about it later Works perfectly

Its a very interesting app to use and easy to use.About the lottery,I won $8 and $15 worth of airtime but only $15 worth of airtime have been remitted to my account,what about the remaining $8 worth of airtime,when do I get it? Not bad

I love this App cos just of a recent I won $5 airtime for which I received N1800 on my AIRTEL line. Stay connected Superb!

I like the app it is simple and fast, easy to use and explore. For the ongoing campaign lottery when would the prizes be remitted to winners. Is it after the campaign? Worth it!

This is an amazing app Have lots if stuffs, live funny video,jokes,news and its fun Must have

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