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No issues unless it's my own internet acting up. Would like to play against my husband but we don't have Facebook. Surprisingly

In January it worked well for two days then it crashed and didn't work anymore. Later in February all started working well except it's not allowing players from Facebook to connect with me. Worth it!

Love it..gets you using your brain.. You become quicker the more you play.. like the card game but with tiles Perfect!

At first it was brilliant, now I can't seem to invite my friends to play, and they can't invite me? Developers, please sort it Well done!!

If someone is inactive for 2 rounds the computer will play for them, they will win EVERY time, you will just keep picking up the same tiles you already have. Then in a flash the computer shuffles the whole board placing 20 tiles down and wins. On a positive, it is so annoying when that happens, you will get up off your phone and do something productive haha Go well

I love this game. But ever since I updated it, it has trouble finding the internet even though I'm on wi-fi. It manages to find the videos but I cant play the custom games or get the daily bonus. Please fix. Thanks Works great

The only problem is there are people who will wait for the 30 seconds to pass without playing on the table. If you can't play there is no need to wait for the 30 seconds to expire. Fabulous!

Revised review: the computer should not be able to play! How in the world is that even competitive. The AI moves the tiles so quickly. How do you go from 24 tiles to being out in 2 rounds. It's consistently happened the last 9 rounds I've tried to play. Omg

It would be nice if u could chat while u play. Alot of people cheat by holding chips and unload. There should be something if u have a move then u have to play it. Cool

Give people the option to turn off the timer... the best part of the game is the strategy... I can't think that fast! Cool

I love the game but there have been times when I have tried to move ties and they will not move or will not connect. 3 times in a row in one game! Superb!

Dropping the tiles is always harder than it has to be, as they always shift for no reason. I would gladly pay a few bucks for a no-ad version. The ads before each new game is ridiculous. Great!

I LOVE this game but have not been able to load it on my facebook computer to play for over a month now? Amazing!

I was so excited to see that there was an app for this game! When I tried to do a private game, the other player never received a notification of an invite. Also, when we tried to access the game through Facebook, it kept saying "Problem opening this app". Very bummed because this is one of our favorite games to play. Muito bom!

The game in itself is great. The only real problem I found so far, is that if an opponent is not there, the computer will take over the work of that player, and the computer is way better than the average player. This causes the computer to win almost always if someone is not there. Just wow

Bugs. Trying to do private games and it always kicks out one of us or tells one of us the game had already started when we all join at the same time and still takes or coins yet to boot. Please fix this issue. It would also be nice to be able to check a text message if needed. Good

Love playing this game, earning over 300,000 coins and on reopening the game I'm suddenly down to just over 100,000. ? Perfect

Is there any specific reason as to why the there is such a difference between playing this game on my iPad versus my android phone/tablet? iPhone app does not have a coin based game play and the scoring is like the REAL rummikub game and does not use the xp point based scoring like the android game does? And for the few of us who have purchased the paid version why hasn't there been any updates for over a year? Surprisingly

Love this game but since last update all it says on screen is connecting... It's as if it's been blocked on purpose. After a very quick response and fix from kinkajoo, all good fantastic game...thank you! Highly Recommend.

Jams up every now and again, and goes into an endless loop of trying to connect. Then stops altogether and even uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't solve the problem As I'm not the only one to complain about this, this bug needs dealing with!!! Works perfectly

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