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This is a very nice game. An excelent time killer. A very nice exercise to the brain. Perfect!

the game is fun and challenging. I love the fact that I can change the difficulty and graphics Awesome

I've loved Othello ever since my uncle from Japan gave me an electronic Othello handheld video game when I was 11 in 1988. I got really good at it, enough to beat the master-level AI in about 6 moves. It was a pattern that I had memorized, but the AI could never adapt to or learn from, nor change its choices. Maybe a glitch that I somehow cracked? I've played against people too, but doing it properly by hand is so tough to get all the proper pips turned over. This version is excellent with its graphics and gameplay. The AI isn't too tough, but the challenge exists. You can even play against yourself, just learning the game and guessing outcomes. Pit the AI against itself and watch what happens! If you've never played the excellent strategy game of Othello before, try it out with this great app. You'll be happy that you did! Surprisingly

It has some many nice option such as the legal move which help the beginners, changing the colour of the board & level Awesome

Great game but I paid for the add free app and it took my 99 cents and I still needed up with the add version ! Had anyone else had this happen? Also multiplayer through social media would be better for this app! Omg

Great version of this board game. The AI is challenging, I don't always win. That's good. Ideal for learners. Highly recommend! I'm puzzled by the complaints for ads. They don't interrupt game play. If you don't want ads, then get the paid version. It's not expensive. Considering a purchase myself! Flawless

Ive had many devices and this app has been on most of them. The ai is challenging but can be beaten. I can play for hours! Well done!!

I'm a little disappointed in the challenge levels: I played 4 games working my way up to level 10 with no real threat of losing, then won 2 of my first 3 games at that (with me hitting the wrong square at one point in that loss). It's something to do, but it doesn't feel like a real challenge. Fabulous!

Excellent playability, nice graphics, unobtrusive ads.... Very well done. I would like to talk about the AI on level 10. I have something to share you might like to see. Is there an email address for that type of thing? 5 star

Challenging. Unlike so many other apps, this one does not present the same moves in similar games. It remains unpredictably strategic and hard to beat at higher levels. The ranking scores let me know when to move up to a higher level, and the interface is simply beautiful. Great game! Surprisingly

Also known as Othello, Reversi appears to be a deceptively simple game, but takes intelligence, strategy, wit and forward planning to win. It's not just about black and white discs. Go well

Love this game and this app is the best free version out there by a large margin! Graphics are good, menus and settings easy to navigate and the difficulty levels accommodate every user from beginner to those who think they are a Reversi grand master. Cool

Prettiest looking Reversi app on the store! I like how intuitive it is, and how you can see all your stats! There are far more feature rich apps on the store, though. Superb!

Fun game. It feels like the difficulty is much harder at level 9, how come? Did you increase the search depth significantly? Recommend

I like being able to choose the different difficultly levels as well as the multiple players. It's all I expected, except it does keep type a tally of scores of all games with your name by it. Muito bom!

So my old review said how fun the game was, etc, etc, and covered how it was well made, even if the AIs were a little basic. All that still applies. However, forcing me to either pay or play offline is stupid, and the fact that there is an ad after every game, as well as a constantly changing banner ad down the bottom, is not encouraging me to pay for the full version. This is a board game. It's easy enough to program a 2 player version, and you can find Reversi AI scripts online. Stop forcing people to pay to play a very basic game. Superb!

Loved playing this classic game growing up and now love playing this version with my daughter or solo. Great interface and versatility, thank you for building is app. Perfect!

Well executed. Adverts are not as intrusive as some claim. Only gripe is all but the last level of difficulty are too easy. I'm not a master but any means by they readily give up corners so even I win nearly every time Perfect!

Great game. Easy to play with one hand. Limited ads are based on things that I've searched and are easily dismissed. 5 stars Works perfectly

Aggressive AI vs the controls are low budget with too few features but I still like the game play which is the most important thing Go well

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