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Alright...BUT...30 second ads of stupid games that no chess player would ever want to play, is a bit much folks. I would gladly pay for an ad-free version. Brilliant

Please update the search for opponent system. Its not comfortable to search with scroll. At least give it arrow button. And why there is no different if you connect FB or not. No indicator who FB friends which play this too.. Surprisingly

The board and pieces are realistic and looks great in 3d. Over all great game. The only thing that doesn't work is the Facebook invite. I tried a few times with my friend but never seen any invites from friends. Amazing!

One thing is missing in the game that is the record e.g if we uninstall the game the previous record also get delete that how many games i played and loss e.g u can see in ludo king. Wcc2 if we uninstall the game 100 times in a day and install again the record remains same record doesn't get delete i want to say that update real with this version so that it becomes more playable and good gaming experience it will be ur more appreciate that if u update with the game to this version plz and thanks Cool

This app always crashes like 4-5 times before i get to finally play. Do you know how long it takes to find a match? First you have to find someone that has time limit/settings that you like, then when you invite them to play they dont always accept so you have to invite someone again and when they accept, after the add shows up your application crashes. It takes me about 20 to 30 mins before i can finally play a single game of chess. So much wasted time, please fix this so it doesn't crash anymore. Not bad

The game is awesome . I hate the fact that online ,when you about to win .they go offline. And I lost 2 games without loosing. My connection is great so how did I loose. And why did it happen when I had 1 move to check them. Something is fishy here guys some people are winning when they are loosing. Works perfectly

Fun and free, but if you put pressure on the ai, it'll loop doing meaningless moves and waiting for you to get more aggressive and either mess up or build a strategy it can't survive. Gets a little boring in this mode. Highly Recommend.

Great app but a few tweaks will make it better. - Ability to stop people from pestering you to chat - Ability to rate people based on behaviour - Showing player score and win % in the game under the name - Country flag should be given only when point 2 is implemented so that a country is not shown in poor light due to some people's bad chat behaviour - Ability to search a player if they are online or not - Sort players based on rating Well done!!

the opponent will not lose points despite his losing just by disconnecting the net, which cause a wrong rating, which is realy making me upset. I bought the full version and when I switch to other device it doesn't restore my purchase. the game is good but there is lot of stuff need to be fix. Superb!

No doubt one of the best chess apps out there. I however would really appreciate having a dark theme or background for playing during the night and having a larger chatbox in online play, sometimes text gets cut off Cool

Love it love it love it! !! Who has 2 thumbs and loves this chess game?THIS GUY!!I also like everything bout it. On a scale from 1-10 it rates a high 10. ....11 even ! So I'm going overboard on the feedback but........WHO cares ?!?! I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels the same . so KUDOS. AND THANKS A GREAT DEAL Recommend

You don't even need a Chess board! My five year old is absolutely loving to play this and it's a joy to play it together. My only major complaint is that you cannot pay to have ads removed (there's no option in game to take them away/pay). I'm worried what my son might see. So far the ads have been only gambling, however I only let him play the game with me and am always careful of ads. I would like an ad free version. Worth it!

Every aspect of this chess game is GR8. Whether you're a beginner or play in tournaments this is the one. I use it to help my granddaughter learn the game and the ins and outs. If its good enough for My Princess its good for any and all. Oy yeah by the way, look out in the near future cause she'll be looking to knock heads and win championships, thanks to this app and me, proudly her g-paw( Perfect!

When searching a selected man by the online option, it seems difficult. So make a option to select a player as soon without wasting the time. Then other thing-- time control is very different when playing in online. Please make friendly Must have

The app is ok it could be better. Maybe add what kind of opponent you want to face, for cause for example I play rook and queen but ai plays bishop knight so maybe add a bit more fine tuning of the ai. Otherwise good job! Works perfectly

There are tricks where some players can delay their moves and ask for Draw or cause the other to leave to win points. The application should have means for reporting such players. Milad 0614 adopts such a strategy, the games can be reviewed. Apart from this issue, it is a pleasant application with nice graphics. love it

Edit: Amazing graphics, smooth, easy interface, several difficulty AI levels and online gameplay with high success in joining an online match. Unnexpected customization options which I found very pleasing and options to save online match gameplays to replay later in your saves file. Wow. I'm so happy with this game that I felt my previous comment needed updating. This game is up there with my clash of clans obsession. I actually came here to find a buying option to support this game but no, its completely free, WOW. Brilliant

This game had really good graphics, and was a lot like a real game. The only suggestions I have is to give some chess tactics, and also have it so that to get 1 score point taken away every time you move back. love it

There's no option to search specific one or no sort alphabetically so that we can get my friend easily and enjoy. Now most of the time the game is disconnected. Although my network is so much better. Please solve. Otherwise it's great. Surprisingly

Would be nice if the Facebook friend play actually worked. All it is is just a request for the app. Was trying to play my cousin but had to download another app to do it. And PLEEEAAASSSEEE get rid of the ads. Cost me a couple of games due to distraction love it

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