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Love the game one. Two things that can make it better. One being able to pinch hit. Two customizable batting order. Otherwise I love it alot Flawless

This game awesome. But the only problem is that you cannot name your team. Otherwise it's just brilliant Enjoy it!

This is a great game. Batting is really tricky when I hit, unless I'm really focused. On the other hand, pitching fastball turned out to be more efficient and effective (more strikeouts) than the other comlicated technique, why is that? Also, I wish the reward for Impossible Achievement is 100.000 chips instead of 100 xD. Come on, 100 chips for doing 500000 games is crazy lol Great!

Its good game.. But how to swap players from inactive to starting line up?? My star players in reserve bench, how to put him in starting line up?? please help. Go well

BEST Baseball game. It's actual game. You can HIT & PITCH which makes the game REAL. It has generic teams but it has the Pro Baseball color uniforms. Surprisingly

Sad I wasn't able to transfer team, maybe my fault........ but great game, happy.. 2nd phone it's been on, starting over =[ ....great game Great job

Fix the issue with computer. The game doesn't play because I hear the sound and can see the this game shows a catch though out the game. Fix the problem..?* Recommend

cool game but it should be some change like running should be manual or more cup edited Well done!!

Relief Pitchers Would like to make a pitching change during the game whenever I wanted not when app wanted Great!

Great little game. Can do a lot of things within the game, plus just have some fun. Superb!

This game is fine. But hit the first ground and get out of the ground out is a barrier to play the game.. Enjoy it!

Great game!!! For such a small game and runs so smoothly and everything is well put together. Nicely done! Just wow

Ok ! Its good game but problem is the gameplay is so fast that it do not allow us to judge the ball that it is ball or strick . Cool

I'm addicted to this game, but have questions.... how do I use the ticket boost to strengthen my team? I'm confused Perfect!

Accualy I'm not sure if you can play this game with friends! Also really good game Well done!!

Good game but not real i am a baseball player so i search a baseball game but make the game good Go well

Super great but in the next update make a world cup and home run celebration by the players Not bad

It's truly amazing how much you can get the most important part of a person's life in mind pattern... Works great

The game is God I can give 5 stars but if the ball comes away from body we can't hit it Omg

I love this apps because i loved sports like baseball i am liked playing in real life ... thats all thank you make it more wonderful so that many played your apps ... Happy Halloween Worth it!

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