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PokerStars TV looks great and seems to work well (except with Android TV), but sometimes the content on offer can be limited... Other than that though, PokerStars TV is well worth the download, though two "stars" are deducted from my Google Play Store review due to the lack of Android TV compatibility. Cool

App closes down After 35 minutes the app stops responding and has to be closed, it has been like this for a few months. It happens on all of my devices. Worth it!

Plenty of awesome entertainment. PokerStars TV looks great and seems to work well, but sometimes the contention offer can be limited... Other than that though, PokerStars TV is well worth the download and I look forward to downloading this when I eventually get an Android "smart" television. Worth it!

More poker exposure is needed it is a very disciplined proffesion an needs the credit . Flawless

Unable to download videos Unable to access app offline. Should provide offline access and download videos to watch at a later time offline Perfect

Live stream Using samsung tab s there is no option button, so i am unable to view live streams or extra content Omg

Won't connect Keeps telling me i need a Internet connection, even though I'm connected to the Internet. Worked perfectly before update. Great job

Buggy? OK, but frustrating that the pictures and captions that scroll across top as "featured events" most often don't match what you get when you click on them. Makes it a hit or miss (mostly miss) grab bag affair. Would not pay anything for an app like this unless this can be fixed. Great!

love the live streaming this app is great but i think there should be full on demand episodes instead of clips Works great

:-( great app when it worked. since last update the app don't work.. please sort problem thank you :-) s3mini Worth it!

Used to work Now it doesn't. Opens for a few seconds then just crashes. Needs an update making to fix this. I miss the big game. :-( Omg

Fixed on Nexus4! Latest update now fixes the crash on launch issue on Nexus4. App still needs HD quality option for 5*, overall great app!. Recommend to download PokerStars TV APK.

#watching-movies Lacks HD! When the big part of all the content is available on YouTube in HD quality, it's really disappointing to find out that there is currently no HD support in official PokerStars TV app.

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