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This is by far my favorite Texas Holden app to play tournament style poker. The controls and uncluttered environment makes it so clean and easy to use. I love the check/bet/raise controls and the fact that my user area (while playing the actual game) is wide open making it easy to distinguish what's happening and who's turn it is. I have a minor suggestion to make this app literally perfect IMO and that is making the chat opion easier to access on a phone. When typing any message it takes up my whole screen making game play invisible. The pre-typed responses are ok but nothing I would ever actually want to say. If you could make the previous chat/info obsolete then allow keyboard to minimize so typing can become part of the screen - it would improve conversations! I am using a very basic phone and I don't know if this is a regular occurrence or just me but I just had to uninstall and reinstall the app because it gave me an error saying I wasn't connected to wifi therefore I couldn't connect to the game. It gave me this error many times and I hadn't been able to use the app at all in over a week. Hopefully reinstalling corrected the issue because if I have to abandon this app and go to another - I won't do it :( Flawless

Never played Texas hold em till buddy talked me into trying this app out. Said I could uninstall it if I didn't like it. Been playing and learning a lil over a month now :] Cool

The app is fun. But it can use more improvement by adding more side games to earn more chips and more different by-in options. Fantastic

Pokerstars is awesome badly no bad beats...... so donkeys get punished with poor play Amazing!

It's poker. What else do you want? I'm a little bummed you can't play full ring games but it helps me work on my short handed game. And yes there are other little things. What game didn't have that? Good program. Flawless

I love the new Winter Wonderland Tournament. Won over 3 million in just 3 days. Moved me up to #1 in my league. Then I moved onto the next league. People who complain about this game; they give you free chips! Don't buy chips, morons. Brilliant

I love the game.i just wish if you lost all your money you could go and get more!lol 5 star

It's not set up to play with dealing cards like a deck. I have got the same 2 cards 3 hands in a role. They ask the dumbest questions in trivia. I went 35 hands with out a pair, that is impossible. Omg

Nice quiz that shows you how much you really know about the game. It's def a great setup and an awesome app! Go well

Great app. But when i choose to switch to a new table (non tournament) i get booted back to main menu and all the chips i won are gone. Not fair. Now i went from over a million chips to 56000. Plz fix. My chips r being misplaced. Plz fix Good

Like casinos the app is intentionally over stimulating. But hell, that's why we play poker. Recommend

Great game but why don't we get get the money we win during a tournament as well as the prize money cause all we get is prize money can we fix this cause I have lost millions for this issue. Worth it!

This game is great, would give it five stars. Most people play reasonably and don't go all in all the time. The leagues are neat and the play style is cool. The only reason for the low review is, several times I have tried to buy into a tournament 100k or 10k and had a connection issue and my money just disappears. Would love to get my few 100k back. Great!

Same ol poker scam, don't let play money fool you, bots n admins w constantly suck out on you and the get pop up to get revenge, by buying more play chips. All flops are pre detemined and bad beat process, just there to make you get revenge n buy more chips. Whales beware, no different same schennanigens as Ful Tilt back in the day. It is rigged don't put any money into this scam. Fantastic

Got only one issue when u play a tournament u only win the prize money not they money u win along the way as well. Why is this i thought what u win in each hand plus the bonus money. Would give it 5 stars other wise Just wow

The game play is exactly what you would expect from Poker is fun, it's realistic, the time to play the spin and go's isn't to short or to long. If there was anything I would add I think the maximum jackpots on the spin and go's should hit more often. Superb!

After league update was initiated the game no longer recognizes what state I'm playing from. All my trophies are from Montana, but now I'm grouped with California. Also stuck in Starter 2 league with 4.3 million in winnings and by far and away 1st place. I see other people have been able to advance leagues and are not having my problems. Enjoyable game, hope the bugs will be patched soon as I find myself playing other apps while I wait. Enjoy it!

A lot good players in here. All in all, I'm having a great time. LET'S PLAY Y'aLL!!! Good

Love playing poker. But wish there were more options for tournaments. But this game is very addicting Pretty good

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Flawless

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