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Fulfilled time My 5year old daughter enjoys reading these days, we are both hooked to the app now Go well

Love Love it for my little girl. The App works fine. Download is okay as long as you have fast internet. Have this for months. Keep updating content Worth a go!

Bestest The best way to express the love my daughter and I have for this app is this made up word. It's easy to use and extremely flexible in how we enjoy these stories. Just wow

Nooni I love it so so so so so so much Amazing!

No download to SD card I find it a bit hard to believe that the designers thought it was a good idea to download everything to the device knowing yhe internal storage space on phones and tablets is pretty low... download to SD needed . Perfect!

No audio in book When I go into the book and try to play it, it doesn't play. I am blind and autistic and I like this app, but some of us including me can't enjoy the books if the audio to the book won't play. Please fix! Well done!!

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