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This pinball game has one machine I like but the mini games scoring is confusing and has no manual. Must have

It's great I'm addicted o and please add more pinball machines with great music thanks Must have

Plenty of fun. Short, sweet and to the point. Is there better pinball games out there? Probably. This is a fun little game nonetheless. Enjoy it!

The graphics are so smooth and seamless. I also want to say that the tables have the perfect mix of retro with modern graphis and futuristic physics with modern gameplay. The only suggestion I have is that you allow the game to rotate as you turn the screen. Amazing!

Fun and the flippers are very responsive. Just wish there was a way to put our initials in leader board. It's like the old school pinball machines. Alot of fun! Go well

I love games like this. I would rather play a classic then a new age or now a days game hands down any day Perfect!

I loved this game when I had it on my tablet but on my phone it was glitched and I couldn't move the things to hit the ball Muito bom!

Haven't played pinball n a while a little dust on my hands it won't take long 2 learn again. Go well

Love it! I do wish you could incorporate into one 1 or 2 games, the feature where the ball "stays"in the hole while another ball is released. But still cool games, Oz Works great

It is like a classic game of pinball. Awesome boards to play on. This is what I was looking for. As one reviewer noted it does contain popup ads that appear not in game but before you start and after you end. Not sure if I can remove that though I'm pretty sure theres a buy option to get rid of them. Superb!

Simple and sober, love playing this game, simpley a pinball game nothing else. Cheers developers. Pretty good

Tbh my favourite mobile phone game. It is so good to pass the time with and it makes my bus travels to work more fun. Recommend

Simple but great. Takes very little storage and doesn't have too many distracting features. Well done!!

Best game I played in my life .I am not saying that it is good it is best and awesome Fantastic

I really like this game. Good old fashioned pinball. I really Love the multiple game board option. wow lol

I love this ge, could litteraly play for house. I wonder if I would be able to get that much money from a real one Superb!

Perfect. Nothing really bad about it. No in app purchases so you can get more tables which is nice. Unlike pinball deluxe which added that feature. It removed so many tables! Fabulous!

This is one of the first pinball games that there's no delay to the flippers. Finally a pinball game that has real time flippers. Well done, dev's! Surprisingly

It's great! But after years of playing the same boards over and over again it get boring. Good

Great 5 min time killer, The ads to me are not annoying, 5 cool tables, overall great game ! Thanks TerranDroid, I have played this a while ago and found it intresting! Works perfectly

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