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It took me a long time to find a similar game like cat picross , finnally i found it trust me try it you will love it Marvelous

I love picross town's original art! Soooooo great! I also love the original game pictures you reveal when you solve them. Very creative snd thoughtful picross, a winner!!!! Surprisingly

Great pictocross game. Wish that it would have counted the number of squares in your line, but a great amount of designs and good graphics. love it

Picross games are among my favorite and this is definitely one of the best out there Brilliant

Love this. One of my favorites! The only thing I would change, is that that when dragging to fill in the squares, you add a number count. Rather than having to count each square as I drag across, I wish it would tell me. Add that and I'll give 5* Go well

Really adorable aesthetic. The two finger cancel is nice, but I wish there was an undo. Otherwise, a very good picross game. Enjoy it!

Awesome game I love playing it. The only complaint i have is that i am almost done with all the levels. Is there a way to get more levels? Superb!

Fun game Runs smoothly and no crashes or anything. Its challenging but not frustrating. Good for the whole family. Omg

Works perfectly. Great time waster. Super addictive. Only thing that annoys me is some of the adds pause my music player. Not a big deal. It's a really great game for us people that love games like sudoku. :) Good job guys! :) Impressed! My phone was destroyed, and I reinstalled it on my new one. Works perfectly

Seriously fun! This is my favorite version of these games. The pictures are clever and cute! Highly recommend! Works perfectly

Great game! Easy to use, no poorly translated tutorial or names of pictures. I love that it changes color for you, which means that they can use multiple colors in a single photo instead of just two like other games. Lots of levels in different sizes for plenty of variety. Lots of fun, easy to get sucked in. Not bad

So stylish. Very picross. Wow I especially like the cute animals. Only have 1 criticism after playing for a few hours: would love a 'reset' button for when you've made a complete pig's ear and need to start over. (unless there is one and I'm being dense and missing it) Just wow

Am I missing an 'undo' button somewhere? Loving the look of this game, but how do you just undo/erase a mark you made by accident? I'm playing on a small phone. :'( otherwise I think it's great! Awesome

No hiccups... A fair amount of ads, but for a free game that runs flawlessly, it's a small price to pay. Love this puzzle game. Omg

Wonderful Great game. It's loads of fun and not buggy. :) best picross I can find in the app store. Surprisingly

Been playing this all day all night. *edit: i finished every puzzle!!! Now do i get a cookie or?? wow lol

Great Only reason it is 4 stars there are lots of ads, but there again it is a free game. Love playing. Enjoy it!

I have at least 4 of these! I love ❤ those who create these puzzles! They actually read their comments and then work to fix them. Awesomeness. :-) Only reason not giving 5★'s is because of the limited zooming option. I preferred how the Picross Pop's worked. But, hey, it's workable. :-D Works perfectly

great game was iffy about it until I found out you could turn off the error check. good game, nice colours and a cute feel. Perfect!

Such imagination! I haven't gotten to the more complex ones yet but am enjoying the ART approach to these that cannot have detail because of small grid. Thank you for your work and delightful playful pictures Works great

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