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I've used this app for last 5 years of like different skins but helps me track every thing Good

It really let's you keep track of your periods, symptoms, personal hygiene and reproductive health Cool

Nice app. Got me stress free. Useful personal notes you can write as reminder of your health history too. Surprisingly

I'm so thankful for this app ! It refinery helps me stay on track since I'm very irregular. Enjoy it!

So easy to use. Huge variety of choices for symptoms and moods to track, and easier to edit past periods unlike other apps I thought I "loved". Just wow

Works really well for me and is really simple to use, despite having lots of different features. Have recommended this to friends and they also love it. Cool

Amazing app..reminds me of the dates and if I have forgotten to mention in the start date then again I get the notifications time to time Omg

This app is the best for period tracking, super easy but yet allows you to give a lot of detail. Brilliant app Recommend

Great app.. only that to turn on/off pill reminder button takes a while sometimes but the predictions are quite precise Enjoy it!

Results are very close to my cycle. I love how it helps me gauge my cycle and includes pregnancy countdown. Only needs 2 be able 2 customize color scheme Pretty good

An no-nonsense app with a crisp UI and every offline feature a standard period tracker has. I like that, other than the bunny, there aren't any overbearing, cluttered, or girly/kiddy designs. It's clean. Even the bunny looks refreshing. I'm already a gooey mess during my period, so I don't want the app I use to feel gooey as well. In that respect, this particular tracker is perfect for me. I'll be using it as long as possible. But some people complain about ads, so don't use it with wifi I guess? Worth it!

It really helps me track my period and it has really realistic symptoms that us girls have some symptoms are weird but I mean it's reality.This app also has mood tracker and it's really nice and organized Fabulous!

I have been using it over a year. Has every bit of catagory info i could need. No crashes. No lost data. 5 stars Great job

Nice app. It does takes time for it to be accurate but once it is, it does it's job really well. Cool

Keeps me on track, without it I would know nothing, been using this app forever, love it Must have

That's a really good app. I was a bit skeptical about using the app but now I'm really convinced. Perfect!

This tracker is dead on. I always know when I'm getting my period and when I'm ovulating. Best thing ever! Highly Recommend.

This is the best app ever and its been over a year since I started using it. It never disappointed me. This is a 10/10 app. Flawless

a lot for this app.. I used to forget those dates which was quite frustrating and also I couldn't calculate the expected date in next month.. Also I could get my BMI wow lol

App is user friendly. Like marking out all the symptoms and moods. But Adds are a nuisance and spoil the feel of the app. Otherwise a decent app to use. Worth it!

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