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I love how much I can log, my moods, symptoms, weight, temp, medications and a section for my personal notes so I can remember something I want to tell my doctor. UPDATE: I have been using this app for 8 years and still love it. Love the 3 day warning, that's my reminder to buy products I'm low on! Not bad

I've been using this app for a few along time now and it's always been accurate, definitely recommend Just wow

I love this app, I've been using it for years to keep up with my period and ovulation. Very helpful! Super easy to use! Flawless

This is a great app I've ever used. I love it very much. It helps me to manage my day-to-day life. It helps me to backup my data too. love it

It helped a lot....Normally i use to forget the date,but now it reminds me.....Thanxs a lot Perfect!

Great app if you are tracking a period or your ovulation days. It is extremely accurate. Marvelous

Accurate. AF To the day it tells me when my period is coming. I love that I can add my symptoms daily. Enjoy it!

Easy to use. Does its work. And accurately calculates. Been using for a long time. Highly recommend :) Marvelous

Easy to use and very user friendly. Only have 1 day difference with my actual period (i always get a day earlier period every month) Enjoy it!

Very easy app. to use! Great for those who want to track. Helpful for anyone wanting to get pregnant or not. Wish I had more theme options that were free. Marvelous

The app makes tracking of the period easier and reminds you to take your contraceptives it's amazing Perfect!

Easy to use and easy on the eyes...just what I need during the most difficult time of the month. Flawless

This app is pretty accurate in regards to the arrival of my period. I recommend downloading this app. Must have

The calendar is accurate. It works well for me and I love it. Couldn't think of a better app Muito bom!

You can plan trips... This helps you get the overall timeframe... you just gotta manual update your history... It gives you an idea... and you have to log the time frame... start and finish Not bad

Amazing app helps me keep up to date with everything I need with my body and helps me record feelings, symptoms, health so I see if there's a regular patter! Can't recommend enough 5 star

Awesome cute graphics. Like all features and good you can edit some symptom labels if it does not resonate with you. Just wondering if anyone uses the available forum feature and did they find it useful? Cool

Really been helpful for me and all I care about is tracking my symptoms! Looks like it'd be just as helpful for women trying to (or not to as the case may be) have children as well! Muito bom!

It's awesome. It tells you when you're on and off of your period. It's a great use. wow lol

I like the app and it does good back up and restore I've had to switch around phones a lot and it's pretty accurate to. Worth it!

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