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Oil Paint This is just the app I was looking for. It simplifies photographs into simple beautiful paintings just like the name of the app. Bravo! It works great on my Galaxy 5

Its cheating Spreading colours so that u dnt recognise the shape of the object is not called oil painting

It's really cool! Only complaint I have, and I know this is sort of trivial... I wish the background was black or dark grey. The bright white background is so bright that you can't see the actual photo very well because of all the brightness & glare. TIP: It helps if you use your hands to cover the white above and below the photo. This way you can see it.

Ok! Works really well on some pics, not so good on others, but its fun to use and does what it says. Other apps try to give the same effect, but this works better than others I have tried.. Recommend to get Oil Paint APK.

#movie-player Average! It is great for an image without great details, but an image with little details it's harder.

One of my favorite apps! I love the impressionist style so I love how easy I can apply this effect onto any image and make it more beautiful work of art

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