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The game is excellent in every possible aspect. But I have no idea why is multiplayer gone. It was such an awesome and fantastic thing but now I ain't able to play it anymore. Though, if you did this, you probably had a reason for it, so I'm not going to convince you to hring it back, I know that's impossible. But'd atleast want to know why you did it, please answer. Awesome

I love this game. I miss the multiplayer buy understandable since it won't be downloadable anymore unless you have it already. And CSR classics is turning the same way. No more online. And single player offline. Which means if we delete it we can't get our stuff back. Enjoy it!

CSR was the best game I've played but after the CSR 2 came, CSR isn't being updated anymore I think it is getting abandoned but pls no! It took me a lot of days just to get and earn the cars I have liked so I hope you read this:'( Perfect

Be nice if the car offers didn't require in game purchases. Always being a few coins short is frustrating not encouraging. Throw a bone out once in awhile maybe that would get people to spend a couple dollars Amazing!

I play this very exciting super car racing game that is very simple to play and it is very simple with the realistic super cars,very exciting!!!.... Kenneth GRAHAMHEA ZYNGA, HOW/IS IT THAT CSR HAS NO ISSUES BUT CSR 2HAS TOO MANY ISSUES &SUPPORT TEAM MORE SO SO BLAMES PLAYERS FOR THE GAME APP ISSURS LIKE ADVISING ME NOT TO HAVEMORE THAN 1PROFILE ... Muito bom!

AMAZING Highly addicitve and i dont see as to how people feel the need to lay real money to make purchases ive got so far without the need and nor have ever felt the need to spend real cash. Apart from that its a great game Highly Recommend.

Gameplay is alright, seeing as it's drag racing and not "conventional" racing. The bad things are the energy bar and the relatively slow progress without paying real money. It's sad that the game could easily have a much higher rating without these money grabs. The boss race for their car is rigged as well and if you don't pay for some special upgrade you are guaranteed to lose and will lose gold. Amazing!

Good graphics This game is great and its good cars cheep Upgrades and Awesome Cars and It has An Lamborghini Cars and one problem after Naturemotion and boss alien and go to Csr with the pictures on it because it takes to long Fix it Works perfectly

I Love this game . It's the best racing game I have found so far .I have only one complaint, there are no camera options. It only has the one side view . I would rather ride inside the car personally. Other than that this game is great!!! 5***** Recommend

This game has been forgotten. No updates within 3 years. Multiplayer is gone. Everyone should delete it b/c of these 2 reasons. 1 ppl who have played it and updated all their cars can't use them in multiplayer to compete. 2 the other half won't be able to download csr2 because its not compatible. Great!

I I'm big fan of natural motion games... I've made 3 Google accounts and in every account I've completed both: CSR & CSR 2 and CSR classics offline mode completely and I love graphics of these games... I wish I could add more n more free fuel by watching ads again n again... Bcoz sometimes more than 5 or 6 times I watch ads then ads are unavailable Fabulous!

The game overall, love it! BUT when Im in my game I can never go online, I forced stopped it, but when I go back to the game the online portion is there until it says there's new game updates and when it loads a bit and it disappears. Omg

Fix the world cup AI for the dealer test drive and the match race... Lots of times i get an enemy i just cant defeat even though i got all perfect.. Ex: ferrari f40 665 vs Continental GT3 667.. Absolutely unbeatable even though i spent entire tank wow lol

If you shift as soon as the light turns green for the best shift it will only give you a "GOOD SHIFT" when you should get the best one, and when you use boost it feels like your fellow racer speeds up to compensate, but it has good graphics and cool cars... but keep in mind i gave up mid tier,1 so the shift thing could be the T1 cars and the boost is only bad if you do not wait till last second, but even so the upgrades are pricey and so are the cars... like real cars. Good

Failed update Great game till the last update dated 31/10/2016 it gives a black screen and not working even after long time of waiting. Try to fix this issue please because i don't want to lose my daily progress. 2 stars till working again wow lol

Hmm. Some of awesome race are missed by just 1/100 sec. To share Plz keep a replay. As well as i can't see multiplayer button at some moments and i can't play race in extreme mode. Hats off to you for this wonderful drag race.Thank you. Omg

OK it's okay but I think they should stop asking you for your location and stuff like that because now it's telling you to go to Applications and this is wasting time so it's okay that you're wasting time doing all that stuff and then it's not going to let you play it because it needs your nickname and stuff like that so Perfect

Guys! What was just happen?... After I up-date it.. Then something gone wrong... Where the hell is the online multi-player mode.. You guys better do something, please! 5 star

The game is not bad it's much better then Nitro Nation because all thay what is your money, and CSR is vary will designed on my Sony Z5 it's amazing. Thare is just one thing on my mind some little improvements like rim jobs, music playing when you race, and this ones my favorite for you to make your crew up from real or A.I players been playing for some time now love the car's keep them coming. Five star with out a doubt. 5 star

Great but a few small problems Great job. However, every time I use my Aston Martin v12 vantage s (this only happens with this car) I shift 2 gears at a time instead of one. Also, my cars will have black paint regardless of its colour. No stars held back though.....It is still a great game. Also happy because my progress was restored Highly Recommend.

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