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This is actually one of the best music downloading app. Worth it!

Nice!! I really like this app! I NEVER do review but felt like this one deserved it. Finds almost anything you're looking for. Great find!. Recommend to install Music Download Ocean APK.

Simply the best! I've tried so many download apps with poir results that i gave up til i found this one. So pleased with it. Recommend to take Music Download Ocean APK.

5 Stars!! Its great! I highly recommend downloading this. U dont need internet and it downloads FAST. It also lets u preview the song before downloading it. U wont regret downloading it

#finding-songs Good App! This is a new app that I am trying out for the first time. So far, I like it and think that it is a good one! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Best! This is the best free musi downloader I have come across. They download well, quite fast. I have only used it on wifi. Ive got a samsung galaxy note 2. I highly recommend this

#ring-tones Theee Best!! OMG! I have been struggling to find a good music download that does the job.. & all the way through, also very quickly! Many songs I could not find elsewhere... ;-) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! THANK YOU FOR THIS ONE!

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