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Are you listening to yourselves. I don't like it because it is not a game. Not everything is a game. Just be happy with it and move on. I think the builds are amazing. Jeez people this days. Always finding something to give out about. Bebii design your builds are Awesome!!! Don't listen to everyone else. Not bad

I like it but do not love it all I can do is look a pictures of Minecraft houses can u please fix it Well done!!

Its a really nice and helpful but we should also be given tutorials on how to make them then it would be much more better but anyways its a superb game Flawless

it 1 star its great its not a map download its a tutorial kind of thing so think about it before you give it 1 star Well done!!

Guys really It is not a game so stop thinking its broken and rate 4-5 star so get rid of stupid 1 star rating Just wow

I think that this is a great app for my tablet because I can download any games that I want to. wow lol

I like it but it can sometimes bord me out i gess everyone has a diffrent saying about the game Recommend

To many ads I no you can't fix it if you can that's great but if you can't boooooo. I put 5 stars but I still hate the stupid FIX IT or it won't be on my tablet any more Brilliant

I think it really helps people that play Minecraft play and looking at the different maps for them to know and start building things they might of never done or experience other ideas then just the same one Good

I haven't even gotten on it yet, and I already like it. You other guys just want tutorials. At least be grateful for the inspirations that it can give you. If you watch the youtuber "Grian" he makes Minecraft building videos, but he doesn't show block by block tutorials. Use the inspiration, the tutorials are good on "Mr cubey" he's a good builder in Minecraft. Check out his channel. Pretty good

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