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Since the update why is this constantly running in my notification area. Another battery bleeder. Great!

It's just your camera btw, don't see why anyone needs a mirror app when they have a camera app and most likely have an actual mirror or a reflective surface :) Muito bom!

No need to carry a cosmetic mirror It works great. And the flash light is handy Great job

Great app. It's not just a camera in selfie mode, because it has "mirror" related features included. They offer a way to remove ads (99¢), and the notification can be removed from Settings (turn Quick Launch off). Good

It very good you can see what you have close up and freeze it too and look on your galley the photo Cool

It's not as much clear and effective as shown in the pictures but can be used..... Awesome

Does what it says and, with the selfie camera on my phone capable of 16 megapixels, produces a clear image. Improvements? An option to clear the screen of control buttons would be useful. This could be operated by tapping the centre of the screen. It would also be nice to have the option to change the illumination margin when used to light up the view, allowing the user to choose a preferred balance between light given and size of reflection area. Thirdly, I'm not quite sure what the 'quick start' option does but it would be good to give the option not to have the notification menu shortcuts, as these may contribute to the ongoing battery drain commented on by others. Muito bom!

Before installing this app, I read multiple reviews saying there's no difference between this and your phones front facing camera. I'm sure that it's possible that on some phones that's true, but not on the 3 devices I have this app downloaded on. If you are looking for an app that almost perfectly mimics a traditional mirror, yet has super useful additional features, this 100% is the app you should get. The zoom function is amazing, since my phone doesn't have the ability to zoom at all in the camera, and the 3d function (which I originally thought was going to be useless to me) has proven to be one of the things I use most. I would without a doubt recommend this to anybody who currently uses their front facing camera as a mirror. Well done!!

Works well for the most part, 3D view is pretty handy, my only complaint is that sometimes I have to close it and then re-open it to get it to focus. Perfect

Decent, usually works but it does go grainy sometimes even after cleaning the lens Worth it!

I really like the quality of this mirror app and the 3D feature is really fun! My only complaint is I can't seem to completely close out of the app when I'm not using it. The app is still running in the background and it seems to drain my battery power more faster and I would like to completely close out the app when I am not using it. love it

This was the greatest most spectacular me rap I've ever used in my whole entire life I can't wait to recommend it to everyone I ever come across Great!

I appreciate the app. So far, it is working great. I can adjust the lighting, freeze the image and photograph or share, and one setting allows me to pan left to right for the best viewing angle. Thank you. Perfect!

This app is really really great. It helps you look at your true self. The most helpful thing is the brightness wow lol

Very handy app, works well and I like the light which is good when you're in a poorly lit location. Awesome

I can't see why you can't just use your camera on your phone to get simular results. Brilliant

Everything you do with this mirror turns out just great... Couldn't have done better k-ool Works perfectly

I'm in love. I had a boogy and remembered I had the mirror and I'm glad I checked. This is my life saver Great!

I like it but the icon won't go off my shortcut list under settings... I need to have it clear for my ocd. Deleting the app :( Great!

I read reviews and dowloaded it. It really works like a mirror and very helpful even in dark. Enjoy it!

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