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Great dating app! Like the fact that it saves all your favourites and send a message right away. I've rated it 3 stars because the app keeps on messing my profile pictures up. Every time I open the app my pictures are shuffled around and it keeps on losing some of the picture I upload to my profile. It also keeps on changing my default profile picture. This is very irritating. Your help will be appreciated Works perfectly

Great app that delivers what it promises. No ads. No fakes. No spam. I liked it better before they blurred the photos of your likers so much. Recommend

What I can't understand is a contact gives me a UK contact Nr but the app tells me he is 31km from me and I'm not in the UK Surprisingly

I met a special girl last month. We kind of broke up, but I still got THAT feeling again. Must have

I like meeting new people all the time. Not just dating, but making friends. Sometimes it works, sometimes not - at least this is a great place to try. Highly Recommend.

I find this application intuitive and easy to use, it looks and feels good, there are lots of nice people.  Cool

I like seeing ppl from my Uni online, being in the same school is the ultimate icebreaker. Just cant date several girls at once - they can all meet up. Flawless

Being very busy its a good start. I'm checking it out on lunch breaks, evenings… Effective, if you don't like to spend weekends alone. Perfect!

I like the simplicity of it, everything is really straightforward. I mostly use online people feature to write and go out with someone the same day or soon. It works for me. Amazing!

Real people near me, direct chat, easy likes… Oh, people online is by far the best function ever. I mean - near you and online at the moment - what else would matter? Awesome

App is very good, just some ppl should stop being so goddamn serious. It's all fun and games till it's not, take a chill-pill Perfect!

Me and my best mate are competing for more dates set up, not sure about winning, but process is fun as hell ;) Works perfectly

I've signed-up and forgot about it, but when came back in after some time it was bursting with msgs and likes, spent a lot of time going through those. And got a msg from a super cute guy, who goes to my Uni. Works perfectly

it's cool if you're cool, met a crazy chick once, but all the rest been great so far. love it

Girls are crazy attractive here and so responsive :) I get to show-off to my friends all the time Great job

Not much people use this one but its great app that you able to text them right way without waiting to Match up or pay credit Great!

People just dont have time for any bs, this is great for that. Mint made my life much more easier and I totally dig it! Marvelous

I met foreign student here, she was amazing, but had to go back. Looking for someone special again... Works great

Straightforwardness of this app is brilliant, why everyone tends to complicate things so much, take it easy Good

Don't want to trash other apps, but this one is the only one really worth my while. Worth a go!

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