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Sometimes when it grades my work, it just rings and nothing happens. That's my only problem. It's a GREAT GAME. But I wish you guys should add more levels to the game, otherwise everything is just great. Could do without the ads but it's still fine. GOOD JOB GUYS! Recommend

Omg this game is AMAZING and also quite addicting I got the game like 2 days ago and on the mazes I'm on level 50 and on darkness level 15 keep on making AMAZING games I wld reccomend this to anyone absoloutely LUV it get this game now this Is one of the best maze games I've ever downloaded Download now its SOOOOOO AMAZING PLS PLS PLS PLS DOWNLOAD IT U WILL LUV IT Not bad

Its a great game if u love puzzles u guys should absolutely get this game. Also i was very bored and when i started to play i lost track of time and turn out to be that i was playing it for 2 hours. Pretty good

It's fun. My husband and I both have it. It's very enjoyable to play anytime. It makes you think to solve the maze every time. That's a very good thing. Good job guys! Cool

Simple, immersive, challenging, and smooth. Near flawless controls; but aside from that, incorporating enemies was ingenious! Easily my new favorite game. If you're looking to titillate your brain muscles in a fun/thrilling/satisfying way, then look no further! This game will have you enthralled from the moment you open it. 10/10✔ Just wow

Was pretty good, liked the levels and the graphics were cool. The combonation of the colours on the black and white were quite nice. The only problem i had was when it came to the controls. Its a bit hard to naviagte back and forth. It can be easy to make a turn you didnt really want to do but harder to correct it cause it does not stop until it is too late or very far down the path. It would be great if you were able to stop mid run. But other than that I enjoyed playing this game. Muito bom!

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It's a nice game but if I had Internet connection i wouldn't play the game so it's sort of boring it's a game people would play if they didn't have Internet connection but it is great for eyes so that's why I give it 3 stars i just think that the game is not there yet I think that it's a game that is not really ready yet Worth it!

I used to always do maze books when I was a kid and haven't been able to come across any for so long now. When this app came out I found it exciting. I absolutely love this game!!! Good

It's ok but the controls stink. Far to often when I'm trying to turn one way or keep going it will either turn the opposite direction or even go backwards Pretty good

It's a tricky game .. it pretends that there may be the great problems in life but it have a solution too . Loved the game .. it improves the brain power even .. it's really very beneficial for students❤❤ Amazing!

A neat maze game app! The ads aren't too intrusive. I like the app tech and how it uses touch screen tech really well. More colour? Perhaps user control over designs? Recommend

This game us definitely addictive, because I can't get enough of it. I'm not so sure that the game is equally as funny, or complex. I do however give this game a rateing of 5 stars. 5 star

I am really enjoying this. I love that I have not seen only a black screen instead of ads. Just hit the back arrow and your onto the next maze! Enjoy it!

I like the mazes. Strongly dislike that the game plays half the maze for me. As a player I have the right to do the work myself. Cannot find controls to turn that off. :( :/ Just wow

Hi i love this game. The only advice is please make a setting to make it so that either you can do the hard bits but also make a setting to stop that. Thxxxx Pretty good

It is good and fun to play with. I see that you have think while making a move and the situations get harder every level Well done!!

It's a good game but the more games you complete, the smaller the details become. It get very difficult to see it all. Perfect

Great little app. Good little time waster. The bad thing is there is too many ads. Highly Recommend.

Well, I liked it. But the ADS!!!..... They always pop up like twice every game. Please REDUCE the ADS!!! and also it's boring. The maze doesn't have expressions or themes PLEASE fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!

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