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I like this app because I don't really keep a compact mirror in my pocket but my phone on the other hand is everywhere I go. It's convenient and I don't have to buy a compact mirror its also FREE TO DOWNLOAD ! So, to the developers thank you and to your wives, daughters, sister anyone who gave you the i inspiration for this app thank you and Merry Christmas to you all. Must have

Really helpful because my idiot kids and hubby never tell me if I have something in my teeth Worth a go!

Love this app! It is exactly what I was looking for when searching for a makeup mirror app. Love that it zooms and you can take pics. Great job

Love it was able to put the cream on my blisters on my neck after surgery can't wait to use it for my make up Not bad

So far this little apps works better than any other ive used. Yes its like looking like you are using a selfie but its easy to control and somehow the screen is very sharp making it give you as good a view as if using a real mirror Surprisingly

I like it cuz m always working on the road so when i need to look my self i have the pocket mirrow n so dar i cant complain at All evento at nigjt is gd to have it i recomended. Muito bom!

Love it!!! always have it with me, it's my ph!...keep up the good work Not bad

Pretty effective Its nicely designed. I was surprised how good it was as I was not expecting much. Fabulous!

The Best Cellphone Mirror... The clarity of this mirror is very clear. It has a handle to zoom up times 3. Very happy with this download! Just wow

Great App! The mirror is fantastic and I feel like I am using a real compact mirror. .it even has a light. Well done!!

This is the best mirror app I've ever seen! It does it all ladies and gents! All! Try for yourselves! This review is from my wife Jasmin ♡ Clark Highly Recommend.

This app is PISSA,but,it works so good,that I'm glad I don't have any real mirrors 2 look @ myself in...theyd break... Marvelous

Lady In The Mirror I truly love this featured app! It has been most useful especially when I need to touch up or if something is showing from my nose lol great app! I applaud you!

Makeup Mirror Good for putting small amounts of makeup on but i wouldnt use it for a full face makeup.

It's amazing I've had it for a while now and I have it on my phone and my tablet. It is extremely useful because I don't have a mirror in my bedroom and I use it to get ready on the morning and I don't look like a clown after haha. But whenever it asks me to rate it I get sent a winky face...I'm not interested lol

Great girly app to have. Fabulous!

Touch Ups On The Go! I didn't know if there was an app, out there somewhere, that could help me put my makeup on when I'm not at home. Walla! There is! I looked at many apps, in my search, to find one with my needs in mind and found this App to be 5 STARS! If you're looking for a Mirror app, for any reason, well I've done the homework and in my humble opinion, this is an Awesome one! So.... HAPPY MIRRORING! :) Great!

Makeup Mirror Good app. However, would be better if didn't have to have a led tablet to use all its features. Awesome

I'm impressed This is exactly what I needed and was looking for, but didn't expect from an app! WOW Enjoy it!

mirror. review Looks like it will work for what I need it for. The light isn't very bright, but it will work. Perfect!

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