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I love puzzles so this app works great for being able to play them. I had problems with it freezing and crashing occasionally until I bought a cheap pack that included no ads. I only wish that the puzzles and packs we're interchangeable over the game formats so that when I play on my PC the packs that are on my phone are on their too. Marvelous

Lots of fun. Great way to pass time. Getting a lot of force close issues. Wasting a lot of data trying to finish one puzzle with having to watch ads over and over in order to continue a puzzle. Enjoy it!

Really love this puzzle app..have uninstalled it once because it crashes and I lose the puzzle.. however I reinstalled it to try again and even got further on a very hard puzzle and it crashed again and started a new board again...very frustrating...glad I didn't pay for those I'm on my 8th try to finish the puzzle that keeps disappearing ever tho it shows my puzzle in progress..I really like the please fix where my unfinished puzzles will not disappear. Well done!!

Theres almost no "free" puzzles, and all the best ones you have to buy with cash, you cant even get them with the coins you earn. Every puzzle should have that option available. All the cartoon network puzzles are cash only which sucks! Cool

I like the photos but I have trouble grabbing the pieces and moving them to the play area... and the ads keep opening and getting in the way love it

I find this jigsaw puzzle game to challenging and I enjoy the pleasure of playing with it. Brilliant

I would give it a 5 if it wasn't for all those adds I can't seem to go back to the game without encountering 4 or 5 game down loads it's very frustrating Highly Recommend.

I am asking that you contact me I have deleted my bad review I saw that you responded but it was in junk mail and I deleted it before I realized what it was I love this puzzle game but I am so many problems from having to replay the sam game may time to not getting credit for games played and now my pic is deleted and wouldn't let me add back in with Facebook. Omg

Okay, not sure what's going on, but since the last update my puzzle theme is not working,, always shutting off, not loading, and giving me a headache,,, never happened before,, Well done!!

Puzzles are great, but the position of the ads is REALLY annoying! Right where you can't avoid touching it as you scroll through the partsso you keep launching Play Store. Move the ads to the other end of the screen and I'll give it 5 stars. Leave it where it is and I'll probably uninstall. Worth a go!

Fun but sucked the life out of the battery on my tablet. Have to keep the charger plugged in while playing and still slowly loses power. Marvelous

Awesome game. The pictures are so beautiful, sharp and clear. You can travel the world over from your own armchair. There are lots of specials and sales and you get new puzzles after you complete every second level. The daily puzzles are great fun ... It's like opening a present every day. I love you, Magic Puzzles! Keep doing what you're doing! Surprisingly

I can finally enjoy puzzles again with out worrying my toddler is going to "help". Wish I had found it sooner. Perfect

I thinkbi found my puzzle Id how do I submit it to you. You said I needed my puzzle Id cause I did the facebook like I was suppose to get 500 coins and never got them. Excellent app I realky enjoy playing the puzzles and the music is relaxing too. Edit: I dont have the free daily puzzles i read that people are talking about. Surprisingly

Fed up of all the advertisements and also when you want to pick a jigsaw piece up you can't help but touch the side bar and it keeps taking you to other games, other than that it's a good game. Must have

I never had any issues till I got my new phone. Now it says I need coins to play or buy the bundle. If they get it together it will be great. Go well

I used to love this app. The last update completely changed that. Now, it is full of glitches. The ads which I could cope with before now make the app crash or think it hasn't played an ad and makes you sit through another. When that happens when the puzzle comes back it crashes because it tries to load the puzzle into the much smaller ad size box. Frustrating. The daily puzzles are horrible. I now only do the small daily just to see what it is but I never have the desire to do any of the other sizes. This used to be my app of choice especially when sick and had hours to kill. But now I use it maybe a few minutes a day. Hard to believe a few updates back I was considering paying for it. Now it just isn't worth it. Just wow

Thank you for your response. I started with, I think, close to 200, now I only have 10. I've done at most 40 puzzles. I refuse to purchase any, so I'm glad you're going to fix it, but I won't be able to do anymore for quite a while. I don't "win" those very often. ||| Loved this on my iPad, so I'm glad I can put it on my phone now. However, when a puzzle requires a lightning bolt, multiple are taken instead of just 1. I will be uninstalling once I run out. It's a shame, I really loved doing these puzzles on my phone. Worth a go!

I bought the create your own puzzles for $4.99 about 7 months ago. And about 2 days ago I reset my phone because it's was really slow. Even though I safe everything on my phone before i reset it. I was trying to play with the game and do a picture from my phone. When i press the picture it's telling me i need to paid again. I'm really disappointed with this game, if i alredy bought it. From the play store no matter what happens if i changed phone or not or reset it. It shouldn't be a problem. Because with my other games i have and bought stuff from it. I haven't have a problem with it, when ever i changed phone or reset it. I don't know what happened with this game. So for been a Must have

Nice puzzles, relaxing music. Sometimes doesn't save your progress when you exit. Frustrating! Works great

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