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most addicted game among all this is most familiar game we enjoying lots.... i love it thanks Worth a go!

Just downloaded the game. Find it interesting. Only suggestion is dice should be at one place. It detracts the attention on the game. Regards. Works great

Nepali raixa kta!tei bhayera 5stars Perfect!

Addictive game...a great game to spend time with Low Battery usage and too much fun..... Not bad

This is what I called classic true game, fully customizable rules. Truly enjoy then tweak the rules in setting. Nice and sweet. Amazing!

There are some rules to add maybe make them optional. 1. Pot(1) cannot not cut another coin until all the coin are out 2. You cannot move another coin if have possibility of cutting another coin Amazing!

Eh hajur, update version ma tah 3 poot continue , non stop aako aaie Garza th, bt after all time killing game wow lol

Really cool game since childhood.... Nice app...but really annoyed by the update showing arrow in each turn Cool

UPDATE...after last update with many bugs fixed the game runs great. Brought my rating up to a 3 star. But what is the running man on top of the screen do? This game has so many bugs you need exterminator to straighten it out. Games with this many bugs needs to be removed until they are fixed. Don't waste your time downloading it, it's trash. Great job

New version has a bug... music stops as soon as we go into the game. When we get to multi window.. It restarts. Guys at admin.. really got to fix this.. otherwise nice game. Not bad

AI is much improved than previous. But I think there is still some scope to improve it further.And much improvements needed specially for UI (gorgeous new backgrounds which should be different from the board colors inplace of current dull looking back ground) many board styles and the dice size should be lil smaller which makes it proportionate to the overall board size thereby making the look more balanced. Live On Line play with all 4 players option. Above all I think there r some rules of Ludo are missing like combination of 2 pieces making it like 1 piece which is very interesting and makes competition more hard and option to enter or not to enter the pieces in home ally as per players own discretion after cutting opponent's pieces. This rule is also very interesting and makes the game more enjoyable. Last but not the least options should be there to chat with opponents (live chat and not preset hi, hello etc.)... Worth it!

Amazing with friends its funny and crazy ,plz upgrade to team multiplayer Awesome

It's an interesting and amazing game. It makes us remember of our childhood. But nowadays in a hectic schedule we get closer to more people so I think it must increase the number of players from 4 to maybe 6 or 8. It will be more fun. I hope many users have the same wish. Fabulous!

I love this game as a kid and I still love it now I'm glad someone put it online! Cool

Online system should also be available so that we can easily play by sitting at home with our rivalry... Perfect!

Many rule are to be added such as 7 consecutive rolls of 6 wins the game, 2 kills at same time should be possibe etc. wow lol


This game is good... But only one thing they can update, is the graphics other than that gameplay is very much interesting. love it

Please include the following rule: Starमा बसेको बेलामा अर्को गोटीले जान नदिई च्याप्छ। Good

There is a little bit bug and that is If you play after Going out and continuing the same game. It said "You must have Killed opponent"although i killed many of them. IF this problem fixed in Next update Not only mee many of the user will rate This app 5 star.. Must have

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