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Modified my review. This game is super no doubt but need improvement. Kindly allow more than 4players in Play with Online friends mode. And the app crashes most of the time stating TIMEOUT. Need to fix this issues to become a flawless gaming app. Pretty good

I experienced many times that players on an online play were really not plahing and the green balls didn't turn red. They would have been hacked the game. This thing i ve experienced more than 7times with 4players online play. Omg

I have connected to Facebook to play with my FB friends.. I can see there name in the list and selected the name and play but in vain no use it we are unable to connect to eachother games.. plz help me out. Works great

This game is awesome and so addictive. But please check on the dice logic. From last few updates if a match is to be won it becomes so evident that who's going to get what numbers and it becomes very obvious who's gonna win. Feels like the game chooses one's luck and beat it until game is over. Earlier it was unpredictable and challenging till end. Well done!!

Dear developer everything is ok. Just fix the problem while online playing. It's crashes many times. & please add a feature of send custom massage. Thank you... This is a second time review. 26/03/2018. What the hell?? U just make the app like it was at before. Now on online playing u guys charging GST. Hey.. developer are you from India?? Ooh I see.. this is why you are doing this with us. Just wow

game is good but keeps hanging in the middle of a game especially the online four player mode forcing other players to leave the game, it's so so annoying and you need to fix this. if this is fixed then the game would be awesome. please fix this hanging thing quick Great job

Ludo team you need to do something for the protocol follow by dice. How come every damn time my opponent get 6 when I am crossing his home. He got the exact same number whenever he need. When game reach its end, dice start showing six back to back. Do something about the protocol of your Dice. Do also add the feature of live chat. Fantastic

Game is really good & addictive. But the thing in my OnePlus 5 phone, I'm unable to use the share option to share the room number to my friends. Pls request you to fix this and I'll surely change my rating from 3 star to 5 star. Thank you Pretty good

Dear developers it is a great app. I am totally addicted to it. Nice graphics,controls and mainly the sound effect.But it have one problem that we can't chat with online players according our wish. So please do something regarding free chats , and reconnect with one online player many times. I hope u will read this and reply me. ♥♥Love this app♥♥ Muito bom!

It's much better than Ludo Star which was rigged so you need to buy gems and win. The interface is really annoying and slow. Smoother grafix will help. Right now it looks like a nightclub open during the day Just wow

It is very nice game as we can play with computers and we can also play with other player all over the world . We can play it with our family members. Even we have snakes and ladders. It is twin in one game . I had good time with it when I was free . It inspires us to play more matches . I loved . If you are going to download it do it fast . Works great

Dear developer... I liked this game very much... This is very addictive... Specially the online games... But some times online game hangs or not responds... Dont know what to do and the game ends... Pl look into these kind of issues.... Also I too recommend to have online chat option instead of default messages... Thanks Anyway wonderful game for casual play... Pretty good

It's one of my favorite indoor games since my childhood. However, what I hate about ludo king is so many ads and there is server problem I guess which makes me unable to connect with my friends. Please take action on this to make it unstoppable games. In the current updated version....the prize money has been reduced, and also number of spins reduced to one in 24hrs...which was earlier per hour.... This making it very restricted game Great!

It is a very good game and addictive but the main problem is that sometimes the ludo king hangs and disturbs me a lot.But it's a good timepass and fun to play. Please fix it.When I am just going to be winner then sometimes it tell me " Multiplayer timeout and returned my coins.Please fix it. Fabulous!

I am addicted towards Ludoking. but the most annoying part is it sometimes doesn't work well. The internet connection works well on web browsers but when it comes to Ludoking it says internet is not connected plz restart the game again. Even after restarting the problem remains intact. Kindly work on the same and get it resolved as it happens every now and then these days. Flawless

It's one of my favorite indoor games since my childhood. However, what I hate about ludo king is so many ads and there is server problem I guess which makes me unable to connect with my friends. Please take action on this to make it unstoppable games. Surprisingly

I'm so addicted to this game that my girlfriend gets annoyed at me for playing it all the time. It's great Not bad

It would be soooo much faster and fun with two dice. But it's still fun and a major time killer so if you gotta sit through a long bring day or errant, this is the game. Charge up your phone and get to playing. Omg

Love eMos. Just make sounds better. In case of 6s players may be allowed to choose moves all togather. Like in case of a 6 player must be allowed to roll the dice before moving 6. Plz follow Ludo Bing as far as Moves and Sounds are concerned. Plz make colors little Briter. Great as No custom Chat. Dont add this function if you want your app to live long. Chat will only be loved by Idiots and abusers. This is what we see on most online games with chat options... In case added it must have highest level of Abuse detectors. Thanx for the Game. Just wow

The developer is really concerned about the problems user faces. So i am updating the rating. But i still hv doubt so one star is less. like the game a lot but during the play one of the player always get really good number almost every time n one another get very less number almost every time. I would hv given 5 star but for this reason im giving only 4 Fantastic

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