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It's a pretty good game the controls are kinda of bad but they are still good I'll go give it four stars Surprisingly

I like it. It uses time well but after a while it can get a little boring... But I think it's a cool game Perfect!

I hate that you have to unlock the characters. But this game is the best thanks libii for making the game so fun Surprisingly

I think this game is one of the best games I've ever played in my life the reason us because it's all free not that much ads and you also get to do amazing puzzles Flawless

Nice i love libi best games but for the candy' s games i hope that you guys will make it free Flawless

I t is so amazing game I loved it so much it's my favorite game Ok guys ok by may name is Vaibhavi yadav from kishangarh this is my Phone ok Flawless

Look guys how can you say this a bad game. I really appreciate it. Ia am honest over here. This game is really really good game Great job

I think that this is amazing because I can role play it that I'm the dentist I play this game everyday I really love role playing so yeah I love it! Works great

I love this game thanm you to make tbis game because from this game who are playing this game like me they will learnnn that we should not eat junk food Highly Recommend.

My 2 year old niece loves this game. Need to purches full version other wise adds, not much this. Fantastic

I liked I kind of but i wish it had given us everything instead of us buying it. Recommend

I used to play this when I was six and I found it now that I'm 14 it's really good and I still really like it Fabulous!

It so much fun to play I feel like I'm a dentist And the people make a appointment wow lol

I think you you guys should make more updates and I love this game please make an update Love you Awesome

LOVE this game so much it's so real only that I would not be able to go to the dentist because I am scared to go to the dentist Flawless

Not Liked It So Much It is a good game, but it looks a little too cartoonie. It is still a fun game but I just like simulator games more. Go well

Liked it I really liked this game! The only thing is this game gets a little boring after a while. But besides that it is amazing! love it

L44ke4jehdgfgkxd j djffhddkdhdkffkfrkrkffkrfjfr please stop I just want to play Better Man by Billy Graham I really want to play my baby game please Pretty good

Save The Teeth! I think this game is OK because when I play this game it makes me feel like I want to be a dentist! Great job

I love you so so much Hi my name is Kylah. At first I was like what you do and it was actually foundation and I love the sparkly lipstick Worth a go!

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