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It's a good app the only problems are the adds there is just say to much adds other than that it's a good app Highly Recommend.

I think it's really good. Yeah, it may have a few adds but it's not the end of the world. It really helped me get to the fullest of my drawing capability and it certainly wowed all of my friends, so this is a very good app. Plus a lot of the things on there are easy Not bad

E more hairstyles? And also some of the hairstyles have two different colours to them and one could be labeled hard while the other medium.. Just a minor thing in the game! Other than that I love it to bits and its really helped me do better at my hair because if I didn't know this app I would most likely struggle throughout my drawings. Omg

خیلی خیلی عالی لطفا دوباره بزارید ممنونم Worth a go!

What ever there's to many ad's that keep showing at least it's helpful it gets my drawing gets better and better I give it five Cool

Overall a AMAZING APP BUT too many adds and also I'm SO SORRY because I thought u copied that studios for drawing person but yours is better than theirs so I think they copied u Surprisingly

SOOOO many ads, they pop up EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! I can't even get to and out of a hairstyle without seeing at least 3 or 4 ads Brilliant

It Was Really Helpful. Im good at drawing but i was never good at hairs and now i am tysm!! Just wow

I don't like how many adds pop up while you are actually on the picture but the step by step is good and it shows very well but the adds will pop up while im trying to draw that step and it ruins where i left off at... Muito bom!

I agree there are some adds but they don't come in the way of me drawing they come when you press the next button and it's kind of realiving my stress as I get very focused when I draw and it's a great app I really think I am getting better at drawing hairsyles love it

Totally okay with the instructions and there's a lot of ads but hey, this game is free so I'm not complaining ;) Superb!

I love how it tells you HOW to draw things cuz I can't find alot of apps like this!!! Not bad

I like it, it tells you step by step on how to make it, it's just hard being like "okay, I put this here, but HOW IN THE WORLD DO I DRAW THAT!?" And too making f**cking adds Perfect!

Easy! Really easy to learn and get used to the strokes. I was terrible at hair and clothes and thanks to this app an other apps now I'm good at both of them! Thanks so much please make similar apps soon! Well done!!

I really like the app it's just way too many adds keep popping up which makes it kinda hard to draw when you are trying to get to the next step and another add pop's up. Other than that it's really good :3 love it

Sorry sir l thought you are copying that"studios for drawing" but in truth it is copying you .that fraud stupid Well done!!

Decent, everyone is screeching about getting ads but I don't have those problems. Huh. Enjoy it!

I love it Its super easy to do!im learning so much hairstyles i think the creator should pay many more for the adds but anyways I love the app soo much! But the only downside is the adds though its like super anoyoying nut i love the how toos though even though its free Perfect

Its a great app and all but i really need new hairstyles to draw. Not the same one every day. Why not just put more hairstyles and not the same hairstyles with different colour Perfect!

Honestly, this is the BEST app ive ever seen. Ive done all of the hairs. Can you do more apps like this with diffrent hair?? Please? Works great

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