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Probably one of the best open source software on the playstore.sorry I ment IS the number #1.good work thanks!your hard work is appreciated by thousands.this is my first time writing a review on playstore,well worth it.also I no its probably a s##t load of work but you know what would be a great idea?what about screen cast from mobile to Linux device.there seems to be a lack of any decent apps for that or that they are mostly proprietary s##t.this might bring in thousands more to have look at open source software and Linux.That can only be a good thing.anyway thanks again. 5 star

I'm not sure yet, but I noticed that while playing spotify on my computer, the bottoms on screen gives me some bug on my Moto G4, the screen gets black and I have to turn on and off multiple times to get normal. Awesome

Very nice app. Would be better if you added video of the screen when using remote access. Other than that really cool app. Noice Perfect!

This update has a little bug. I was listening music in my laptop and I had media notification on my phone. Now my device doesn't wake when I press power button. I've to press multiple times to wake the screen. Hope you'll address this issue soon. Edit: screen goes blank in lockscreen. Marvelous

Thank you, KDE community! Now I can run any command on my computer from my phone, isn't that fantastic!? Works great

Great app and now they added the keyboard icon back so I can quickly enable the keyboard on start typing. Great work Omg

This is a.great app, i use it the time. Finally, useful Android/Linux functionality! Recommendee Flawless

Great application, I'm constantly sharing clipboard and files between phone, tablet and laptop. Awesome

I used 4 desktops before kde but this app makes kde better than others once for all. Great Superb!

The days of emailing myself menial files are over. Thanks KDE! Great app for media desktops! Perfect

Awesome. Using this with the GNOME-Shell extension and without KDE itself, does exactly what I want. wow lol

Once my PC keyboard was broke. So I was using virtual keyboard of Connect. Also Wifi file transfers just works, great. But it couldn't get to my SD card for some reason (rights or path, d/n), internal memory just worked. Cool

Best app for using your phone or tablet as a mouse and keyboard, also you can get your phone notifications, easy to set up and use, how I wish there was a windows version Works great

Amazing and I didn't have to sign u for anything or read 20 how-to pdfs. This is how its supposed to be. Finally can work and reply to text from my desktop. Glad I left Windows. Great job

Helps me a lot! Able me to control apps like VLC, KODI and JuK in my Kubuntu Desktop computer and see notification from smartphone Omg

Love the app! One issue is that as I use this through a mobile phone which also acts as a mobile hotspot for my PC there are some connection issues as in it doesn't find the PC after awhile. Restarting mobile hotspot fixes the issue. I know it's not something that's really "supposed" to work but Chromecast works too this way again these days, so I guess this could too. Awesome

This is the sort of brilliantly functional app you would expect from GNU/Linux community developers. It works almost perfectly on my LG G3 with KDE Connect packages from the Debian repositories. One of the only disadvantages is that the Linux side is dependent on a lot of KDE packages which you will have to install even if you use another desktop environment such as Gnome. Enjoy it!

This app is great, though it would be even better if we could easily control the desktop audio volume from a device ;) Good

This app saves me so much time, doing day to day tasks. Being able to see what notifications come through my phone saves me time, the synced clipboard makes sending links to my friends 10x easier. Nothing like this exists on Windows for free, and that really says something about how dedicated KDE's developers are on making a truly innovative desktop environment. Keep up the good work, I'll be donating soon! Perfect!

This is a great app for us KDE users (suck it airdroid Marvelous

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