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I love the game but one thing please, every time you go into vr jungle please change it up. Maybe you can free the t-rex and let it rome a little Pretty good

Once I got close to the T-rex.... I got scared I was like "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" my parents think I'm watching a horror movie XD Pretty good

Once the app is started there seems to be no way to completely shutdown the app and unload to reset it to its initial state. The only way I am able to do this is by re booting my phone. Otherwise the app stays in a loaded state, and starts where it was at from previous run. Good

The app is great though I wish we can change to speed of how fast we move in free roam. Also can you have it not fixed to one side of the device. I want to to use my built in headphones in my vr headset but the plug is on the left side of the headset and the plugin on my phone would be on right side with this set up Good

A very, very detailed game. Only one question though, how do you work the simulator? Marvelous

Man this is the first VR app that actually made these goggles worth the money..needs better gameplay and graphics but they pulled it off its not too bad i was still real impressed Worth it!

Awesome experience wow I really enjoyed I recommend all to play this game I love it Good

simple but good. Love when I see T-Rex. Need more dinos or otherwise we will get bored. Brilliant

I think it a cool experience that is fun and adventure and my sister loves she an animal and dinosaur lover she thank y'all very much I do to thanks love it

Before the update my phone support this game...but after the update I cannot control anything using google card board.. itss not working..the gyro and motion sensor is not working! Marvelous

Good for starter VR. My phone is barely compatible with VR, so it was good to try it out on a cardboard setup. Cool

It was alright, if they would've made it in higher resolution then I would have given it a 5 star rating love it

I really liked being able to ride a dinosaur though I would like it if I could control where the dinosaur went and maybe a bigger area. Otherwise, GREAT GAME!! Great job

Very tks for creating this game i got stuck with my j7 now i made a good vr game Must have

Jurassic adventure The dinosaurs look very realistic and the 2 choices both offer interesting things Worth a go!

THIS game is so much fun and I think it would be a good time to play when you want to explore Marvelous

You roam using auto walk. I saw two dinosaurs. There were VR theater ads and buildings with more ads. It's mostly an ad game with dinosaurs. Worth it!

One of the best vr apps. A little odd to control. I would appreciate it if you can stop by looking down or tapping. Highly Recommend.

You need a Bluetooth controller such as the Xbox one s controller or PlayStation 4 pro controller this may be usefully for your use of you want it to work properly Muito bom!

Cool I like it if you don't have a vr set just play normal and still just as cool and awesome Enjoy it!

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