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The only blocks I have in creative is an axe, pickaxe, crafting table, furnace, sticks, and planks. Soooo... Hmm..... I'm probably blind but how do u get all the other stuff ???? Go well

Ok first things first this is a great game i love it, and i know that the dinosaurs are a major selling point of this game but there are so many of the damn things they keep getting in the way of the actual crafting the character models literaly keap blocking me from going where i want to go and they dont go away when i turn the animals off in settings please fix it i realy do love the game and really want to give it five stars Fantastic

Guys want to have free minecraft with free skin and packs just go to minecraft mod apk go to android 1 scroll down and you will see a blue boxes then click on it and wait till the number is 0 then click download then there you will have free minecraft. Muito bom!

Dinosaurs my favorite animal OMG thanks for the game I love dinosaurs however the graphics ate the app Good

It's great but needs work.This game will need more blocks and more animals like creepers or zombie.Im not hati ng I just think this game needs a lot of work Fabulous!

I haven't played the game yet but my friend has the game and i watch her play all the time! She even lets me play sometimes but its so fun so most of the time she just hogs it. Thank you! Fantastic

I only have one awesome word for you you this game is awesome!! Must have

Anyways add a indominus rex they were hybrids but stronger than the tyrannosaurus and add a tuojiangosaurus it was a genus of stegosaurus also add dinosaur eggs if you add it I could love that! Awesome

They are way to many adds I can't move because a add pops up like in 4 or 5 secs but i like it a lot but can you put less adds then it will be my top 5 best games love it

Actually this game is good enough which can be rated with 5 stars but the only reason is when I am going to do something like sponding a magic table it just says fatal error and automatically closes and the result will not save If you clear this problem in next update for me then surely I will rate five in next time So I hope you guys will respond to this comment and do it Good luck guys !!!!!!!!!!!! Great!

Awe some I got revenge on a t rex because I remember I went to universal studios the t rex hurt me Fabulous!

The graphics are awesome but they should have given 5he basic players soma stone tools Brilliant

Meaghan: I tried it before and I loved it but some controls took me a while to learn!! But other wise it is AWESOME especially with the dinosaurs in it Recommend

I think the graphics of the dinosaurs were good.I love the way they mixed up minecraft which I love and dinosaurs Cool

I love this game but I Hate haters that's the problem with These kinds of games Works perfectly

Please make it where you can tame dino PS ignore hators love you guys keep up the good work Amazing!

I love minecraft and dinos and this game is well I love it but when I go to make something like a bed it says eorr and then it go's back to home screen fix it and I will rate 100% on the Flawless

I loved it much because I found heaps of cool stuff for my author house I love this game. love it

I love this game.its cooler than minecraft because you have to do all these stuff to get items and this. This is awesome because you can just click how many items you want from that item and its in your inventory Recommend

One day i got on and tryed to place a crafting table and an error happened and kicked me out i went back in and tryed again an error happened again i tryed 1 more time and i worked i tryed to place an ovan error i tryed 2 more times with the ovan and error but that only just started and i just need a crafting table so im good but still PLEASE FIX THIS And also please make it so you can move faster I do a lot of minecraft so its annoying to go so slow after playing minecraft. Must have

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